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slots Play penny slots online and enjoy the thrill of gaming online from the comfort of your own home. The online penny slots below can be paid from only 1p though you can choose other amounts such as 5p, 10p, 25p and £1 per reel for even larger cash jackpots. Sites have this facility. Some gaming sites even have them for free where you can use their fruit machines to get a feel for them before paying to play. Others will give you a free deposit into your account so that you can use them and still have a chance of winning cash prizes. There are links below that take you straight to these offers.

There are so many online casinos to choose from and it can be difficult to know where to start. Considering that it’s our business to weed out the "hots" from the "nots", we’d like to introduce you to what is easily the best new site on the block – Mega Money Games.

We’re a bit jaded by all the flashy offers for a gazillion dollars free and shots that make you wonder if you’re on the wrong website… When we came across this gem we were refreshed with their down-to-earth attitude, It is beautifully designed; fun and the payouts are fantastic. Plus, they’re launching an average of one new one a week which means that there is always something new to try. Our current favourite is Cap’n Coins. This has a wacky and funny pirate theme that managed to put a smile on even the grumpiest of our faces.

They’ll start you off with a £7 no-deposit offer (something winandgo always like to see in a site) and their service is nice and friendly, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that their support staff is comprised of native English speakers. They understood us – we understood them. Sometimes in order to create a truly great site you just have to keep it the flashy thing low and the quality high.

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Some like have progressive jackpots where you can win an increasing amount of a prize fund over several weeks, though even first timers can win this high value prize.

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One winner was Lisa who enjoys the range at Astro Bingo and especially the chat rooms. On the fourth of June she played Rainforest Riches and won a cash prize of £5,000. This made her one of the largest slot machine winners. Here is Lisa's winning testimonial story after her win:

I looked up the search engine Google to find a new site in the winter. I was looking for something a bit different and loved the atmosphere and friendliness. Within a few months I had won my first large cash prize of £600 when I was just doing Trolling For Treasure - I never even thought that I would win thousands of pounds one day.

But I did! And the win came at a great time in my life because I am getting married in July to my fiancée Thomas. Our two children, Shakira who is 5 and Kayden who is 2 years old will get a few treats to help celebrate this big win.

I had been working night shift and got home at 7:30am. I had thirty minutes spare before I had to wake up my daughter for her school so decided to log on. I deposited £20 and clicked onto Rainforest Riches which I have recently started. I usually do the Crackling fruit machine game. I was hitting away on the spin button and got 3 mixed frogs. This made me £120 because I was using the maximum stake of £1.50 a go. So I thought I would keep at it until my money was down to £100. I promised myself that I would then take this money out but someone somewhere had other plans! Several spins later I heard the sound effects of another win and hoped I'd maybe won another £120 - I was pleasantly surprised to see on my computer screen that my win was £5000. I nearly fell off my chair! I then just stared at the PC screen and kept saying Oh My God to myself over and over again. I then went to the chatrooms and CM Wings had logged on and I asked her to confirm that I was a real winner and not just dreaming and she said yes! Then all my friends in the chat room congratulated me on my lucky win and sounded really pleased for me and shared in my joy. Thanks ever so much Astro, I can now have the wedding of my dreams with all this money.

Others where you can increase your stake money to win higher prizes include: Get Crackin, Karat Crazy, Diamond Surprise, Three Times The Riches, Wild Cherry, Fire and Ice, Trolling For Treasure and 7s Ablaze. Some of these have 1 line and 5 lines and there are progressive jackpots on most of them.

Most websites offer free no download slots so no slow downloading is needed. They are fast to load on the PC screen though you may need to have the latest version of Macromedia flash installed. Most sites such as Jackpot Joy offer a free link to download Macromedia flash which is easy and safe to use. This gives you the benefit of the latest versions with the latest graphics and sound effects.

You get the same exciting sounds and images as if you are sat or standing in front of one in a casino or arcade. Most have a theme. For example Jack Pot Joy have a game called Strike It Lucky based on the game show with Michael Barrymore. There is also a Deal or no Deal game and other non TV ones include Pirates Plunder, Aladdin's Lamp, Queen of Egypt and King of the Jungle.

Most allow you to start with a minimum deposit of £10. Though do consider taking advantage of any matched bonuses. This only happens once upon your initial registration so do consider what works to your best advantage.

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Shopping spree games are popular at with the background music to the theme tune to Are You Being Served. Reel spin symbols include wrapped presents, shopping bags, lipstick, pictures of bundles of cash, a cup or tea and slice of chocolate cake, a bottle of perfume, a red gem ring, an image of sand sunb brolly and beach ball, a mobile phone and a few other symbols you would expect in a shopping spree game. The scatter symbol is the two glasses of champagne drink being clicked together whilst the wild symbol is the red love heart.

Winners include Julie B who won £10,000 in June 2008 at with shopping spree.

Over the years, the popular Diamond Bonanza multiline online penny slot machine game at has made hundreds of Jackpotjoy members big winners. For example one recent Diamond Bonanza winner was Eileen K of Greenford with a lovely win of just under £70,000!

Eileen said I could not believe it when I won at the Jackpotjoy website. I thought, things like that would not happen to me! I told my husband and he asked how much my winnings were. When I replied with the amount he had to check that I was sure and not joking!

Eileen soon got celebrations under way and when she headed off to her local pub she found that her news was spreading quickly: I went to the pub to celebrate and my husband had told everyone about my incredible win. I have told a couple of the girls and the have said they will be playing them at the site now too! It’s incredible. It’s a life changing amount of money to win just from a penny slot game. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone!

We’ve got good plans for the money. We moved house in March and haven’t had the money to do it up. We’re going to get a new kitchen and a new bathroom. It’s going to mean our house will become a home - thank you Jackpotjoy!

Diamond Bonanza remains one of the most popular and is also one of the higher paying as can be seen with the recent £49,463.9 win by Jayne C one night. About her win she said:

I have got such an amazing story to tell you! Last night I had a dream I won £40,000 at the Jackpotjoy website and when I woke up I even told my husband about my winning dream. We laughed it off! As soon as I sat down at my computer for my favourite game of Diamond Bonanza I soon discovered that 4 spins later I had hit the £49,000 jackpot! My heart fluttered with shock because I could not believe it. I feel sure my Jack Pot Joy dream was a premonition though I have never had any psychic encounters before - but boy am I glad I listened to my instincts from now on!

Jayne was extremely excited about her win and continues:

Oh my god… oh my god… it truly is real…oh my god.. it’s real! This is absolutely brilliant it’s such a wonderful feeling. I’m so thrilled at the moment I’ve already called my husband and son home from work.

Jayne won the jackpot on the Jackpotjoy mini game in between her next favourite game of bingo. She lives in the Channel Islands and plans a holiday with her husband and will also use the money to pay for a travelling holiday for her son to South Africa for three months.









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