Poker Words

Guide to common poker words jargon and phrases with their meaning

Poker Words Phrases and Jargon

During your play the following poker words will be used. Below are a description of them with an explanation of the meaning of these poker phrases.

Ante - This is the player's stake which consists of a wee and a big blind which gets the pot started.

Big Blind - Much like the wee blind described below but this is played by the person who is sat two away to the left from the dealer.

Buy In - The buy in is the entry fee to enter a game.

Check - Anyone can call a check when they do not want to raise the stakes but wishes to see the cards to come out of the flop.

Flop - This relates to cards that have been turned over by the playing cards hand or the dealer. Players check the flop against their own dealt cards to try and make a winning hand.

Fold - A fold is called by anyone when he or she thinks his or her hand is not good enough to continue the game and has no chance of winning.

Pot - This is what playing is all about - this is all of the bets played by all the players. It sits in the middle of the table until the pot is won by a player.

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Rake - The small percentage that the website will take from the pot of each game is called the rake. It is a small payment in return for being able to use their secure website with safe payments and payouts.

Tight Player - Someone who is careful, taking little or no risks.

Wee Blind - A token bet which has been placed by the person to the left of the dealer without having seen the hand.

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