Poker Rules

An easy guide to the basic rules and etiquette of online poker

Poker RulesInternet sites are great fun and there is the real chance of winning cash prizes from the pot. This guide is intended for beginners to help them start a game with a bit of knowledge.

Types Of Poker Games

Game Tournaments: There are two types - conventional tournaments where you have one chance to win and once you have lost your chips you are out. There is also rebuy eliminated tournaments where those who have lost can pay to re-enter. These suit experienced people and those who spend a long time online playing.

Single Table Cash Games which are played against other cash competing players. These do not have an entry fee and does not commit players to long games. This would suit new people and those with limited time to play online, though experienced people do hang around waiting for a good hand.

Placing A Bet:

Pokerrules Some websites will allow you to play for free (some even give you cash prizes if you win) while you find your way around the site and the tables. A list of websites that do this and also offer matched bets when you deposit chips can be found on our poker games page.

Some sites do have a minimum starting ante and a minimum deposit to your online account. This is to safeguard funds to winners and this will benefit you when you win. Some sites such as Jackpotjoy have them as low at 5 pence.

Single table cash usually have two forced antes when the deal has gone all the way round the table. It is recommended that you know what the stake value is before you start the game. It could be as low as 5 or 10 pence, but could be £5 or higher. This information can be found at the table information section on the website.

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Even online players need a poker face to avoid their tell. Someone who clicks their mouse at a fast speed may be showing experienced players that they have a good or a bad hand. Try and vary your speeds and the way you play and try and monitor the playing pattern of your opponents.


Game Tournaments: Pots from multi-table tournaments can be big due to the high volume of users, even if the ante is low. Having many rebuy themselves into the tournament can increase the pot further. It is usually the top 9 winners who get to share the pot, though with bigger pots from a Worldwide internet site the number of winning players who get a share can increase.

Single Table Cash Games - The top three will win a percentage of the pot. The top player will win 50% of the pot, the second player will win 30% and the third player will win the remaining 20%.

Winnings from those with a betting limit may give out less in the pot to the winners, but players have the assurance of not getting carried away and paying out more than they can afford.

No limits allow you to bet as many chips as you want.

Legal Requirements:

You must be over 18 years old to play and you will also need to have a credit card to pre-pay before you play.

Some sites may ask for further identity checks.

UK Winnings should be declared to the Inland Revenue as a form of income and you will have to pay income tax. You should keep any proof of evidence of winnings to aid your self assessment.









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