Play Rummy Online

Play tournaments online with Rummy Royal with games like traditional gin tile and kalooki

Play Rummy online at Rummy Royal the leading network where you can do multiplayer in variations such as Gin, Oklahoma Gin (most popular in the US), Kalooki (very popular in the UK), Traditional and Tile which is popular all over the world.

The skill takes many forms throughout the world. For example Mahjong in China could be said to be a form whilst Okey in Turkey and Canasta in South America can be seen as a form.

Play Rummy Online

Rummy card games need at least two and up to four and websites allow you to go against the computer and other internet users. It is said by many to be the third most popular in the world and a full deck of 52 cards is used. The objective is to be the first to dispose of all the cards in your hand. This is done by picking up cards, forming groups of cards called melds and then discarding them. The first to accumulate the highest amount of points, or the last to stay in without being eliminated by exceeding the elimination target score is the winner of a rummy tournament. Scoring charts are available.


Advantages includes being able to play against your friends wherever they live or making new friends.

They can be done for free or for cash prizes and they accept various credit cards, paypal and other forms of easy payments. Because it is a game of skill rather than chance the website is able to accept many forms of payment compared to traditional casino sites. They offer 24 hour 7 days a week support and have practice tables to help you hone up your skills and learn the rules. There are also interactive tutorials for beginners or those wanting to learn new tips and hints.

Oklahoma Rummy

So just because you do not have a real opponent to go against doesn't mean you have to miss out. You can now do it on your computer and benefit from some amazing graphics as can be seen in the images on this page.

There is a chat facility in the lobby. New registrations can take advantage of a 100% sign up bonus up to £100 or $200 if you are using American dollars. Further money bonuses are available such as a special $75 bonus when you introduce someone new to the website.

Kalooki Rummy

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