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It remains one of the most popular card games in the UK and indeed worldwide. The internet has helped to increase its popularity and bring new people to this exciting world. One of the best ways to learn how to play poker is to do it for fun at one of the many websites. One such room is at online casinos who give you and millions of others the chance to try out this complex and interesting game. Geography is no barrier because there are opponents worldwide. Before the invention of the internet people would have had to play with friends or in casinos. Nowadays you can simply log in to a favourite casino. New players can benefit from free poker games and this gives them an opportunity to learn more about the game and discover which casino or gaming site they like the best. This is one of the best ways to practice without any worry about losing your own money.

There is a great deal of psychology and maths in it and this is one of its most appealing aspects amongst gamblers. Some are not professional or social gamblers, they merely love the psychological or mathematical challenges when they do it for free or with real cash. Though a great deal of concentration is needed most find the card game relaxing. There are more studious players such as mathematics experts and theorists who love to analyse it due to its complex and multiple variations which are unusual in most, perhaps with the exception of slot machines.

There are many variations these days though the basic rules remain the same. These are discussed further by Winandgo on pages with links on the left.

Texas Hold 'Em is the most popular variation. This could largely be because of the many late night television programmes and broadcasts of Texas Hold'Em game tournaments from around the world. This has given curious people the added push to go on the web and do it for nothing and learn the game and come to love their favourite gambling site which are less daunting than going to a real casino and entering a real game.

Other popular games include stud, draw and community card which are much like Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hold'em. Due to the popularity these and many other variations can be found on the internet in rooms. Like Texas Hold'em they can be played for free to allow you to learn as you play and develop your skills and learn things such as how to go about spotting tells.

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Going one step further most will give you a sign up bonus upon registration as a real player. So when you set up a real account and deposit real money they may give you a bonus such as 50% or even 100% to match what you have deposited. There are some account restrictions to be aware of and it is worth reading the terms and conditions. One common term and condition is that you cannot withdraw your money until you have deposited and played a certain amount of cash. Though if you are playing for fun then this may not be a concern or you can use your money and bonus to try out the various variations.

Though we said earlier that it is interesting from a psychology point of view it is not the most important factor in the game. It is equally about the cards dealt and what you do with them. It is also about spotting tells which in a real casino can be seen in facial expressions and body mannerisms. In front of your computer the face cannot be seen and perhaps is not so important since you cannot see your opponents but your strategy should still be to try and manipulate others.

Whether you play online poker for fun or real, both have many benefits such as being a bit of a leisure activity. If you find that you are any good at playing you might even win cash. If not you could always try and analyse your game, perhaps by looking at it mathematically. Some scientists try and look at them scientifically and analyse statistics. Well done if you can reach this academic level of analysis and if not how about just relaxing and having some pleasure at your computer at the end of a hard day's work without having to leave your house.









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