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Play bingo, instant win and casino games at Jackpotjoy from only 1 pence to win large cash prizes

Jackpotjoy is one of the largest and most popular online bingo websites which also has a wide range of instant win, scratch cards and casino games like roulette and blackjack. Unlike other gaming sites listed at winandgo they do not offer free money to try them out because many people love them and are happy to deposit money to start playing to win cash prizes. Just read the growing list of winners and their incredible prizes. Some reach into 6 figures. As an example Maxine Q recently won £161,889 for playing Bullion Bonanza. Her previous two wins were large wins as well at £30,000 and £15,000. With winners like Maxine there is no need for them to entice new players with freebies - the winnings sell the site and are the best advert. Last month they paid out over £70,232,245 to their lucky winners. There are many more winners testimonials and photos of winners at their web site.

Though if you do want to try them out for free then register and try over seventy non downloadable games to choose from such as Deal or no Deal slots, Tiki Island, Footballers' Widows, Spooky Slots, Shopping Spree and Pub Slot. After you have gotten a feel for them and enjoyed playing you can start to play for real by depositing money into your account.

Your initial deposit will be matched with a doubled bonus up to £100. The minimum you can deposit to start playing is only £10 and you can choose to play in pound sterling, euro and even US dollar. If you have a Jackpotjoy Promotional Code it can be entered at this stage to take advantage of the offer. The double matched bonus is limited to £100.

they start from only 1 pence and even these cash prizes for the penny games run into the hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. Higher costing ones such as the 10p, 20p and 50p ones may cost you a bit more to play but do offer the 5 or 6 figure cash prizes that are often won.

Jackpotjoy Casino

The forum and chat rooms are well populated and fellow jackpotjoyers will be pleased to help you with the online games, offer advice or just have a friendly chat. Many people who use them will chat away whilst playing their favourites like Jackpotjoy casino, The Price Is Right or the many slot machine games or scratchcards.

Jackpotjoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy Promotional Code

When you register there is a box to type in a Jackpotjoy Promotional Code. Such promo codes will be added to this Jackpotjoy review article when available. At the time of writing this copy one way of getting one is to go to the chat room and ask the chathost for a free £2 sign up bonus to play Strike It Lucky. This will then be credited to your account to play the game based on the Michael Barrymore TV gameshow. All you need to do is give the chat host your username or screen name with no need to send your password.

Others are revealed in the weekly newsletter which you can subscribe to for free. This includes cashback weekend offers and special games. Do tick the box to ask to receive it which is usually sent out on a Friday with many offers going live on the Saturday and Sunday.

It is possible to play for a free point when you play their scratchcard or others. These can be collected and then exchanged for competition draws. Such prizes tend to be useful items like cinema tickets, concert tickets, Harrods hamper (which we won and very nice it was too! Filled with claret, wine, ham joint, Christmas pudding, luxury chocolates and some tasty food), Playstation 3, cash, chocolate fountain, clothes, bikes and many more great prizes.

Jackpotjoy Bingo

There are over ten different Jackpotjoy bingo games which includes Deal or no Deal, Strike It Lucky and fortune teller keno. Players can use the auto dab facility which is ideal if you are chatting away in the chatrooms or use their PC mouse or laptop pad to mark off the numbers.

Bingo Card

It is a UK gaming site and accepts payment by mastercard, visa, switch, neteller, solo, delta, visa electron and maestro but not paypal.

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Each week they run a chat room party where there are many cash prizes and great fun to be had. Some of the most popular celebrities make an appearance at each chat room party such as Miss Moneybags, Nana and even the banker from Deal or no Deal. There is a chat room party most nights of the week such as on a Tuesday it is the Gold chat room party with Miss Moneybag's Take That Party. On a Wednesday it is The Price Is Right chat room party with the special The Price Bid Challenge. Whilst on a Thursday there are two chat room parties to enjoy. These are the Full House chat room party called the Elevensies with Nana and the Deal or no Deal chat room party with the special chat room Beat The Banker.

A recent addition is the Houdini slot fruit machine. This made their history books because players could now bet up to £100 per line.

They play Cupid when they run a £500 Valentines competition in their chat rooms. All players of Full House that buy a strip of cards can take part and the lucky entrants will get a romantic call of fate which could win them an instant cash prize.

Some months they run a choose your own prize giveaway where winners get to chose their own prize. Recent winners included Angela B who won a hamper packed with treats, Karen H who choose a brand new digital photo frame, Rosemary R who won a beautiful diamond ring, Melissa H who won Debenhams vouchers, Andree K who chose a fantastic new camera and Tammy H who got a brand new camera as well.

The affiliate program can be found at the tradedoubler website. There are various payments for affiliates which includes £2 for a new trial player, £20 for a new player who deposits at least £10 and a revenue share of 20% for the life time of the player. Webmasters who send more new players when listing the affiliate program can negotiate a higher lifetime revenue share if Jack Pot Joy is listed in more prominent places on a site, has an increase banner advert promotion or use many of their various content units.

The affiliate program manager is Jasper van der Bliek from their sister company miceanddice and Gamesys. He provides a great deal of unique content and graphics for trade doubler users as well as valuable advice, hints and tips in a confidential and professional manner. In November he was joined by new affiliate manager Claire Archer.

They run various competitions for their affiliates. Recent competitions included a trip to Barcelona for the CAP Euro gaming affiliate conference. This included free entry to the conference and flights and hotel accommodation. Affiliates have to register their interest in each specific one and then get one entry ticket for each new real money player to the website that they bring for a specific period.

They keep their creative's, content units and banners up to date for their affiliates. Many are innovative and eye catching which will help with conversions. For example they introduced streaming video banners for their new The Price Is Right. These reinforce the TV ads that are advertising on various Sky Satellite and ITV channels. The Price Is Right streaming video banners work much like the flash creative's available from Tradedoubler.

If you have a question that you would like answered then please contact me.

How Do I Get Paid My Winnings

The minimum cash withdrawal is £10 and there are no specific dates or days in which you can request payment. It is easy to claim your winnings. All you have to do is log in to your account and click on the my account tab and then the withdraw button. Payments can be made into your credit card account and winners can also request a UK cheque provided it is for over £50. There are no fees to get paid winnings though if you request a bank transfer this may cost you a bank charge from your own bank because of the extra administration, though this is the quickest way to get paid. Such charges could be as high as £25. Cheques and credit card payments usually only take a few working days and cost you nothing so for smaller wins you may wish to choose this option though if you have won a six or five figure winning you may want to pay the bank charge so that you can get your money quicker and start celebrating!

They may ask you some security questions or request proof of identity to reduce the risk of fraud, scams and cons.

There is more information about the withdrawal limits at their homepage and then clicking on the help and FAQs url.

They have seasonal games one such example is the Christmas Slots which include their popular Santa's Crackers slot machine. Christmas is a special time and they rewarded their players with many prizes. Special competitions and draws include a daily prize draw with guaranteed cash giveaways, large jackpots and a Christmas raffle which has three cash prizes to be won each day in the lead up to Christmas Day. For example over £3,000 in shopping vouchers can be won.

It is advertised on television with their Strike It Lucky TV ad being shown often. The brand of Jackpot joy is well trusted and appears throughout the internet with many top websites like GMTV and Orange heavily promoting them, content units and banner ads. Many online competition web sites encourage their compers to try Jackpot Joy and even build specific white label sites that look like their own but are on the Jackpot Joy site. Such examples are Jackpot Joy Ukwins and Loquax Jackpot Joy. The white label sites are not available through Tradedoubler but directly from the game sys website who will assist you to promote them.

They have International websites such as the Barcelona based site of Juega tu Suerte which is their Spanish site. Juega tu Suerte also offers online slots for those based in Spain.

juega tu suerte

In August 2007 they moved their operations and servers to Malta. They had previously been in Curacao. This means that they comply with the new United Kingdom gambling laws that were introduced on the 1 September 2007 because the Island of Malta is a member state of the EEA (European Economic Area). These replaced legislation dating as far back as the year 1845, state that only companies regulated in the EEA or their white listed jurisdictions may advertise in the United Kingdom. Those other countries in the UK white list include Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or Alderney. This means that affiliates in the UK can comply with the new licence conditions and codes of practices when they display links because they are one of many British based operators who provide gambling and need a Gambling Commission licence. The deadline for applications was April 2007 and about 2500 British based operators applied.

It also means that the new online gambling laws incorporated within the Gambling Act 2005 will protect vulnerable people such as children, will keep internet gambling fair and attempt to cut down crime through the promotion of socially responsible gambling. Incorporated into it are codes of advertising both online and in other media such as television and radio. Though websites can now advertise on TV there are restrictions placed upon the ads. For example there is a 9pm watershed for any adverts that promote gambling and models must be aged over 25 years. The television and radio phone in quizzes must become harder.

It practically covers most forms and is not just an online law. So it takes into account arcade and casino as well as remote like online gambling, in pubs or clubs and betting shops. The new laws also include adult gaming centres and lotteries with the exception of the National Lottery.

With it comes more powers for local authority licensing officers and the Gambling Commission of which there will be 500 licensing officers who will work with 50 Gambling Commission compliance officers. For example a local authority licensing officer can now enter and inspect premises to ensure they comply with the new Act and can enforce the new laws upon the owners or their managers. They can now enforce or limit opening hours and the number of gaming machines, seize equipment, withdraw the operating licence or prosecute any premises or company that does not comply with the laws and levy unlimited fines. The Gambling Commission was set up in October 2005 as part of the Gambling Act 2005 and effectively replaced the Gaming Board of Great Britain. The Government department responsible for this in the UK is the Department for Culture, Media and Sports.

There are advantages of the laws for the casinos, betting shops and halls. For example a hall will no longer have to return all the stakes as prize money and can keep some of this money to offer players as a rollover prize. It also means that visitors do not need to be a member and have to wait a minimum of twenty four hours for membership to start. It is anticipated that after the new laws have taken effect the UK will soon see its first £1 million prize winner.

At the time of the introduction of the Gambling Act 2005 that the gambling industry in Britain was worth about £91 billion.

On Saturday 6 October the National Game had a Big N promotion under the new laws with a minimum £1 million prize as part of their platinum launch jackpot. There were also gold and silver jackpots of at least £55,000 and £27,000. It was played with a normal ticket and costs £1 extra and all you had to do was to listen out for the Big N numbers and mark them on the ticket. In the UK it is the second largest computer controlled game. The first is the National Lottery. Over 500 licensed clubs link up to itevery day, except Christmas Day, twice a day.

The first British £1 million bingo winner at a hall was Margaret Shearer aged 46 years. Margaret won her £1million prize at the Forge branch of Mecca in Glasgow. She had just recently lost her job at the local McVitie's biscuit factory but thought that she may have a win from a feeling she had. Superstitious Margaret had been carrying a miniature Buddha figure in her handbag for luck. Her mother was with her and had a lucky name - Margaret Money.

Margaret Shearer has been a member of Mecca for over 30 years. They have estimated that someone will win their new Millionaire Game, which was introduced on the 1 September 2007, about every 45 days. Margaret won on the 21st day.

Several months later, in January 2008, 53 year old Christine Bradfield, a mother of two, won a staggering £1.1million. She won at her local club in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales.

In March Soraya Lowell a 38 year old cleaner from Hamilton in Lanarkshire won a record breaking £1.2 million and its Platinum Jackpot at the Coatbridge Club 3000 hall. She shouted out an excited house on number 90, the last ball to be drawn. Soraya Lowell goes there with her friend and neighbour Agnes O'Neill and they always share their winnings. This win was no exception and Soraya Lowell gave Agnes O'Neill half of her winnings. Not only that but she is returning to work as usual where she cleans offices until 1:30am because she likes the company of the ladies she works with.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year they ran Fortune Cookie of Cash. Each player that takes part stood a chance to win a real one which could contain up to £1000. During play there were 600 to be won each day.

In February they introduced The Cash Pool which will be played every Wednesday and have a prize draw of £100 to the lucky winner. There will be ten winners each week sharing the £1000 Cash Pool. All players need to do is play their favourite games on the Wednesday and they will be entered into The Cash Pool weekly competition.

To celebrate the start of the weekend the site introduced Fab Friday prize draws with cash prizes of £1000.

They hold a St Patrick's Day Giveaway for their players. For example this recently saw £5000 of prizes given away. Payers were automatically entered into the this for each one played.

In May Ita W won £11,905 playing Bullion Bonanza and when they called Ita to learn what she was planning to do with her win they expected to hear her say that she was going on holiday, instead they heard that she is going to decorate the house. Their next winner was Debbie who won £20,568 a and when they got on the phone to ask how she was spending her money she said that she would be taking her two sons on holiday to America but first she had to pay off some bills.









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