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Play the Family Fortunes online game and read trivia about the show and the celebrity version

Family Fortunes In March 2008 Jackpotjoy launched a new slot machine Family Fortunes online game based on the popular TV show whose presenters included Bob Monkhouse, Les Dennis, Ant and Dec and now Vernon Kaye. Just like the television show it has some great prizes and these include cash, televisions, laptops and even a cruise holiday worth £5000.

The Family Fortunes online slot machine game is a five line five reel slot fruit machine game complete with stunning visual and sound effects. Just like the favourite TV show the game has bonus rounds which includes being able to double your prize money. Players should aim to match three symbols on their PC screen. have not asked 100 people though - they ask players a series of three questions and on the telly contestants have to get between 5 to 8 answers right. But at there are a choice of three answers to their questions. Players can choose a virtual member to answer their question. Just like the TV gameshow three strikes means you are out, though you can play it again.

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The cost starts from only 5p and can rise to £5 a line. The more expensive the line the more higher the prizes become. Players benefit from bonus features such as triple win bonus and free spins. The cruise holiday is an enticement that has been introduced by Jack Pot Joy to compensate for there being no progressive jackpots that usually appear in their bingo and fruit machines. Winners, their winnings, stories and photos will be described below.

Others at that are based on telly shows include Deal Or No Deal, The Price Is Right and Strike It Lucky.

It first appeared on UK TV in 1980. It was based on the US show called Family Feud but the name was changed to the more friendly name. The first episode appeared on 6 January 1980 on ITV. It was broadcast until the year 2002 by which time it had been moved to a daytime TV slot. It was then revived on prime time television and on a Saturday night with a new host and featuring celebrities and their families.

The first producers were the television company ATV. It was then produced by Central, Carlton and more recently by talkbackTHAMES.

The theme tune was composed by Musical Director Mike Alexander. Snake Davis played the saxophone solo.

Presenters of Family Fortunes

There have been several presenters and these include the actor and comic Bob Monkhouse who was the first UK presenter from 1980 through to 1983. The entertainer and singer Max Bygraves then became the second from 1983 to 1985.

There were no new episodes in 1986 and in June 1987 it returned to television with a new host. This was the comedian and impressionist Les Dennis who became the longest running presenter until 2002. By this time it had been moved to a day time slot and the new presenter became Andy Collins. He was a former soldier and the youngest to serve in the First Gulf War and then became a television presenter. Sadly it was axed.

Ant and Dec presented it briefly in 2005 as part of their Gameshow Marathon. This was in the finale and celebrated the 50 years broadcasting of ITV. The finalists were Carol Voderman and Vernon Kaye. Carol Voderman won though Vernon continued his association with it on 28 October 2006.

All Star Family Fortunes

The latest presenter is Vernon Kay the former DJ, model and host of T4 on Channel 4 television. It was renamed All Star Family Fortunes. As the new name suggests it is a star, celebrity and famous people gameshow. Each week two famous people and their families compete against each other for the prize fund. In another popular twist the cash prizes are donated to a charity of choice of the stars.

The nickname of Vernon Kay is the Mr Big of ITV.

Celebrities to appear have included actress Angela Griffin, celebrity chef Antony Worral Thompson, Ben Richards, presenter Brian Dowling, soap actress Claire King, presenter Eamonn Holmes, presenters Jenni Falconer and Holly Willoughby, designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Kym Ryder, Kyran Bracken, Louisa Lytton, model Nell McAndrew, Nikki Sanderson, Emmerdale actress Sammy Winward. There is an episode guide for All Star Family Fortunes further below this article.

The first sponsor was Playstation 2 and when series two started on the 27 October 2007 the sponsor was The Mall shopping centres.

This new format has proved very popular with viewers and has already seen several series broadcast at primetime viewing on a Saturday evening in the 7 to 9 o'clock schedule. The introduction gives a Through The Keyhole type of glimpse into the celebrities lives and homes. This adds to the popularity along with the unique humour and loudness of the host who brings fun and a feel good factor to Saturday nights, especially for the Winandgo team.

The celebrities can still win their own prizes for choosing the most popular answers. These special prizes have included pampered breaks, spa weekends, foot spa, DVD players, golf clubs, George Foreman grill set, and much more. These spot prizes were first introduced in 1981 and early prizes included televisions and video recorders.

Voice Over Announcers

Joining the hosts were a series of voice over announcers who would announce the prizes. The first voice over announcer was Stephen Rhodes who performed the role until 1999. For 2000 to 2001 the voice over announcer was Peter Dickson and he returned to the series in 2007. In between the voice over announcer was Roger Tilling who also worked on University Challenge. The first ever female voice over announcer was Lisa L'Anson in 2006.

How To Play Family Fortunes

Though it has been broadcast for over 27 years the rules, style and how to play the game show Family Fortunes has not changed much. There are still two families each with five members. These typically consist of husband, wife, brother, sister, mum, dad, grandfather or grandmother.

Each question has been set to 100 people to gain a wide range of answers. This led to the catchphrase 100 people were surveyed and we asked 100 people to name...

To gain possession of the set of questions each member would face the other team's representative and have to hit the buzzer first and then give an answer. The other team then answers and the person who gets the highest number of points takes possession of the board or if they think it is a difficult subject then they can pass. Most families choose to play.

Each member then has to guess the answers that the member of the public said to each question. If an answer is given that is not on the board then they receive a strike with a big negative sound effect of an oh oh and a large X is placed on their side of the board. If three Xs are scored against the team then the other side take possession of the board, which is called The Steal, and only need answer one question correctly to win the points. Each X strike is counted down as two lives left and then one life left. Though if they get the steal question wrong the others take back the points. During the steal the families are permitted to confer. Vernon Kaye first asks each member for an answer before the celebrity gets to discuss and decide on the best answer.

The points are then converted into pounds.

After these rounds there is an advert break and following this the teams play for double money, ie double points.

The third and final round goes to the team with the most points and pounds. In the earlier episodes this round went to the team who reached £300 first. This is called the Big Money round. Two members are chosen to represent the team. One goes into a sound proof room whilst the other takes turn to answer. One more 100 people were questioned and the member has to correctly give the answers within 15 seconds. This is a fast nerve racking round and can give some really daft questions. For example in the 1980s a contestant called Bob Johnson replied Turkey to the first three questions which included Name an item you would take to the beach! He faired better in the third question which was Name a food often stuffed? Legend and myth has it that Bob's headphones were not correctly placed and he heard the answer chicken and thought by answering turkey his team fared a better chance of winning. This story appeared on the Channel 4 documentary Our Survey Said where they were interviewed.

Bob Monkhouse did not escape daft answers when the Thicke mother was asked Name something Blue? she replied My Cardagon!

In another episode one contestant gave the answer Naomi Campbell to the question Name a bird with a long neck!

The best howler during the Big Money Final was made by TV personality Brian Dowling when he was asked to name a type of bean and replied Lesbian! The laughter at this gaff was huge in the audience and the host could hardly contain himself. Poor Brian Dowling and his quiz partner Kris looked mortified at his daft answer. The computer screen politely inserted his answer as Les Bean!

The second member gets an extra five seconds because they may have to give an alternative answer if their answer has already been given.

Together they must reach 200 points to get the big cash prize. Les Dennis introduced an additional bonus feature in 1994 where they would get a bonus prize if all top answers were given by the two contestants. Early episodes saw the big money prize as being £1000 though when prize limits were relaxed in 1996 the big money jackpot rose to £5000, though a car was the bonus star prize from 1994 to 1997. The next year contestants could choose between a car or a holiday so that all members could enjoy the prize. All Star saw these figures rise to £10,000 and a top prize of £30,000 if all top answers were given. These thousands of pounds are donated to the chosen charity.

Fade French was the first winner of the UK version.

Bob Monkhouse named the computer Mr Babbage after Charles Babbage the English mathematician who originated the idea of a computer.

All-Star Family Fortunes Episode Guide

This episode guide shows the names of the contestants with their families, chosen charity and amount raised for the charities, spot prizes and broadcast dates. Each episode was broadcast on a Saturday evening, moving to a Sunday in later years.

Series Ten

Series ten from 2013 saw the following contestants: Mikey North and Mathew Wolfenden, Louie Spence and Richard Bacon, Jinie Peacock and Sherrie Hewson, Sheree Murphy and James Arg Argent, Samantha Womack and Tom Fletcher, Diarmuid Gavin and Gemma Merna, Catherine Tyldesley and Andrea Mclean, Nicola Adams and Michael Vaughan and Michael Owen and Penny Lancaster.

Series Nine

Series nine was broadcast on ITV during the winter and spring months of 2012. Contestants were Samia Ghadie vs Bill Tarmey, Jermain Defoe vs Martine McCutcheon, Dominic Brunt vs Jenny Frost, Chris Fountain vs Kate Garraway, Lesley Nicol vs Ed Byrne, Dawn Steele vs Robin Cousins, Sophie Ellis-Bextor vs Angels Rippon, Rosemary Shrager vs Robbie Savage, Mark Wright vs Jane McDonald,Carol Vorderman vs Russell Grant, Brooke Vincent vs Rik Makarem, June Brown vs Simon Webbe and Holly Willoughby versus Eamonn Holmes.

Series Eight

Series eight started in August 2011 and the contestants were: Simon Gregson versus Sam Aston, Pauline Quirke vs Jo Whiley, Lisa Snowden vs Will Mellor, Joe McElderry vs Jo Joyner, Cheryl Baker vs Trevor Nelson, Russell Kane vs Rita Simons, Christopher Bisson vs Harry Judd, Peter Andre vs Kate Thornton, Jennifer Metcalfe vs joe Paquale and Stacy Solomon vs Danny Miller. The 2011 Christmas episode was teams from The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) and the cast from Benidorm.

Series Seven

Series seven started in September 2010. Contestants included Jennie McAlpine versus Keith Duffy, Rebecca Adlington vs Brian Blessed, Aggie MacKenzie vs Hayley Tamaddon, Calum Best vs Denise Welch, Kevin Fletcher vs Austin Healey, Andrew Castle vs Tina Hobley, Bobby Davro vs Jo Wood, Gino D'acampo vs Michelle Keegan, Ray Wilding vs Blythe Duff, Penny Smith versus James Sutton, Mikey Graham vs Cheryl Fergison, John Thomson vs Ricky Whittle, Jennifer Ellison vs Joe Calzaghe and John Partridge vs Caroline Flack. Series 7 ended with a Christmas edition of This Morning versus Emmerdale.

Series Six

Series Six started on Saturday 21 February 2010 and contestants included Liz McClarnon vs Uri Geller and Duncan Bannatyne versus Lisa Maxwell.

Series Five

Loose Women and Hearbeat

It returned on Sunday 20 September 2009 with Loose Women versus the Hearbeat team. One the Loose Women side were Sherrie Hewson, Jane McDonald, Andrea McLean, Carol McGiffin and Coleen Nolan. On the Hearbeat side were Joe McFadden, Nikki Sanderson, Tricia Penrose, Lisa Kay and David Lonsdale. Vernon Kay was the host. Their chosen charities were Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Vanessa Feltz and Lucy Speed

Broadcaster Vanessa Felz and actress Lucy Speed appeared on Sunday 27 September 2009.

Other contestants include David Coulthard, Anthea Turner, Grant Bovey, Ray Quinn, Vanessa Feltz, Patsy Palmer and Katherine Kelly (Eastenders versus Coronation Street), Laila Rouassus vs Sean Maguire, John Barrowman and Lesley Dunlop, Grant Bovey and Anthea Turner versus David Coulthard, Charlie Brooks vs Donald MacIntyre, Hannah Waterman versus Ray Quinn, Antony Costa vs Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth), Laila Rouass and Sean Macguire, Karen Barber vs Paddy McGuinness, Denise Lewis versus Eleanor Simmonds, Gareth Gates versus Jodie Prenger, Colin Jackson vs Esther Rantzen.

The Christmas edition of 2009 was broadcast on Boxing Day and was a show down between the Websters of Coronation Street and the Kings of Emmerdale.

Series Four

Shane Lynch and Ruthie Henshall

The Shane Lynch and Ruthie Henshall episode was broadcast on Saturday 10 January 2009 at 8:45pm on ITV1.

Shane Lynch from Boyzone (and not Westlife as Mr Kaye said!) was joined by his wife Sheena, sisters Keeve and Edelle and his brother in law Peter. They raised 251 points for their chosen charity.

West End actress and Dancing On Ice judge Ruthie Henshall was joined by her husband Tim (who Vernon Kaye thought looked like an older Danielle Radcliffe), sister Abi, mother Gloria, father David. They raised £4620 for their chosen charity which was the St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich.

Questions and answers were:

Name a way to attract someone's attention? Wave, shout, whistle (top answer), wink, flash at them or tap them. Incorrect answers were jump up and down, mime or clearing throat.

Name a musical instrument that is hazardous to play with no clothes on? Drums, accordion, cello (star prize of a European cruise to Holland, Germany and Norway), cymbals (top answer), guitar and harp. Wrong answers were trumpet, violin, maracas or castanets and trombone.

Name something a man might take with him on a first date? Money, condoms, mints, flowers (top answer with a spot prize of an indoor skydiving experience from and a friend. Wrong answers were chocolates, car, phone and a change of clothes.

Name something you shovel? Snow (top answer), manure, earth, sand and coal to give Ruthie Henshall a clean sweep.

Ruthie Henshall played the final round with her sister Abi.

Name an item of clothing beginning with S? Stocking and shoe.

Name something that is black and white? Chequers board and zebra.

Name a famous wizard? Oz and Harry Potter.

Name something you do on a mobile phone? Talk and text.

Name another word for zero? Timed out and Nought.

Top answers were socks, zebra, The Wizard of Oz and nought.

Edwina Currie and Mark Durden-Smith

Edwina Currie and Mark Durden-Smith starred on Saturday 3 January 2009 at 8:20pm. Edwina Currie is famous as a Conservative MP, broadcaster, author and reality TV star such as Wife Swap and Hell's Kitchen. She was joined with her relatives from Surrey who were husband John, brother Henry, daughter Debbie and niece Holly. Edwina Currie's chosen charity was Canine Partner and her team raised £10,000. During the show Vernon Kaye took out the Edwina Currie spitting image head puppet.

Mark Durden-Smith is a sports presenter and also presents ITV2 shows such as I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Hell's Kitchen. His mother, Judith Chalmers, is also famous for presenting TV programmes such as Wish You Were Here and Come Dancing. She joined her son in the studio along with Mark's sister Emma, brother in law Gordon and his wife Rachel. The chosen charities of Mark Durden-Smith were the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and that of Judith Chalmers the Lady Taverners Cricket Charity. Mark Durden-Smith and his team scored 70 points and raised £700 for their two charities which was increased to £1000. During the home the embarrassing first dance of the wedding of Mark Durden-Smith and his wife Rachel was shown and the couple danced it for the studio audience.

Questions and answers asked of 100 people surveyed were:

Name a way of keeping warm? Put on a coat or add clothing, central heating, exercise, hot water bottle, rub hands together or cuddle up. Incorrect answers were go to bed, use a blanket or a hot drink.

Name a part of the body that itches? Back, feet, nose (top answer), head (star prize of a home cinema system from, crotch and bottom. Wrong answers were ears, palms of the hands, neck and eyes.

Name a farm animal you would not eat? This gave the daft wrong answer of chicken! Correct answers were sheepdog, horse (top answer with a spot prize of a beer dispenser and wine cooler), cat, donkey and goat. Incorrect answers were rat and mice.

Name a reason to get down onto your knees? Pray (top answer), propose, clean the floor and beg. Wrongly guessed answers included put shoes on, to pick something up, gardening or to look for something.

Edwina Currie and her daughter Debbie went through to the final round. Their questions and answers were:

Name something people wear in bed? Pyjamas and nightie.

Name a drink you have at breakfast? Orange juice and milk.

Name something that can sting you? Bee and wasp.

Name something you put in a packed lunch? Sandwiches and banana.

Name something you catch? Bus or train.

The top answers were pyjamas, tea, bus, bee and fruit.

Series Three

Michelle Collins and Christopher Biggins

Series three started on Saturday 13 September on ITV at 8:30pm. It was once more presented by Vernon Kay. It was repeated on Sunday 14 September 2008 at 10:15am on ITV2. In this first episode of series 3 host Vernon Kay introduced viewers to Actress Michelle Collins (Eastenders, Rock Rivals, Sunburn, Two Thousand Acres of Sky) and Christopher Biggins (I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here winner 2007, Rentaghost,) and their families.

Michelle Collins' relatives came from Essex and were her niece Charlotte, uncle Danny, sister Vicki and cousin Luke. Their chosen charity was the Little Haven Hospice Essex. They raised the top cash prize of £30,000 for getting all top answers in the big money final round. Christopher Biggins were his partner Neil, brother Sean, sister in law Louise and mum Pam. Their chosen charity was the NSPCC. They raised £1000.

The we asked 100 people the question questions and answers were:

Name something that happens when you can't stop laughing? Tears, wee yourself, tummy ache (spot prize of a holiday for four to Cyprus), hiccups, pass wind, red face.

If a Martian landed in your street what would you do? Run away, scream, make it a cup of tea, say hello, hide, take a photo. One wrong answer was take it to my leader!

Name something you would associate with Simon Cowell? Pop Idol, nasty comments, high trousers (spot prize of a pampering weekend at Champney health resort and spa), The X Factor, music.

A reason you might kiss someone? Because you are in love, greeting (spot prize of two foldable mountain bikes for pensioner Uncle Danny!), kiss of life (which was repeated as the Kiss of Death to Christopher Biggins!), drunk, birthday, goodbye, goodnight.

During the advert break there was a win a weekly £5000 competition which could be entered by phone, text or you could play by web entry at

The Collins went through to the big money round and the final round was between Charlotte and Michelle Collins. Their questions and answers were:

Name something a cricketer has? Bat and knee pads.

Name something associated with Holland? Dancers and flowers.

Name something found in the desert? Camel and sand.

Name an alcoholic spirit? Vodka and whisky.

Name a part of the body that bends? Knee and arm.

The top answers were bat, vodka, flowers, knee and sand.

Gemma Atkinson and Antony Cotton

Episode two was first broadcast on Saturday 20 September on ITV and the presenter was Vernon Kay. Viewers were shown round the home of lingerie model, Hollyoakes actress and I'm A Celebrity star Gemma Atkinson in Manchester where we met mum Sandra, step dad Peter, sister Nina and brother in law Rob. During this introduction there was a Michael Jackson impression and Rob posed as a nude calendar model like is sister in law. Their chosen charity was the Bury Children's Hospital. Unfortunately they scored no points in the rounds but Vernon generously gave them £1000 for the charity.

Also in Manchester was the relatives of Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton who plays Sean Tully and was Alexander Perry in Queer As Folk and Damon in Absolutely Fabulous. Antony Cotton won the 2007 award for best actor in Cor St. They were dad Paul, mum Enid, his friend Gemma and sister in law Michaela. We were shown a clip of his Dame Shirley Bassey impression. Their chosen charity was the Terrance Higgins Trust. They won 415 points in the first round.

Questions and answers in the single money round were:

Name someone you can trust to keep a secret. Mum, best friend, partner, doctor, dog , vicar or priest. Funny answers included a stranger from Rob.

Name something you might do to make your partner smile. Take clothes off or flash, tickle them, buy a present, tell a joke, smile or kiss them. Another funny answer was say you want a divorce from Enid.

During the double money round the questions and answers were:

Name something you can do with a banana. Eat it, slip on it, peel it and make a banana split. Another daft answer was give it to a monkey though the answer pretend it is a gun was answered by the 100 people! The audience and viewers were treated to a clip of Antony Cotton dancing as a white rabbit with Alice in Wonderland.

The final round double money question was Give another word for money. The answers were cash, dosh (spot prize of American football holiday to Louisiana USA with $1000 spending money), dough and wonga.

During the big money round Antony Cotton played with his father Paul. Their questions and answers were:

Name an animal that moves in a herd. Cow and sheep.

Name something associated with Wimbledon. Tennis and Cliff Richard.

Name someone in a hospital. Doctor and surgeon.

Name something worn on legs. Trousers and tights.

Name a liquid you would put in the car. Petrol and diesel.

These answers gave Antony and Paul a cash total of £1000 for the Terrance Higgins Trust.

Barry McGuigan and Coleen Nolan

The third episode were with the guests Barry McGuigan and Coleen Nolan with their families. It was broadcast on ITV on Saturday 27 September 2008 from 7 to 7:45pm with a repeat on Sunday 28 Sep at 11:45pm on ITV2

The cameras showed clips of the home of Barry McGuigan, the 1985 feather weight boxing champion and 2007 winner of Hells Kitchen (famous for his mashed potatoes!) and he was joined in the studio with his wife Sandra, brother Daniel, brother in law Mark and sister Catherine. Their chosen charity was Clic Sargent and they raised £5470.

At the home of the Nolans in Cheshire we saw Coleen Nolan's son Jake and her older brother Tommy and sister Linda. The original girl band and Loose Women presenter was also joined in the studio by her other son Shane. They were played for the charity Sarah Hope Foundation and scored 99 points which would have been doubled to £198 but presenter Vernon Kay made this up to £1000.

100 people were asked the following questions with their answers:

Name a part of the body beginning with the letter B? Bum, breasts, bones (which won Jake the star prize of a 40" LCD TV and console from, back, belly, brain. This gave the Nolans a full board.

Name something you toss? Pancake, coin, caber, salad, frisbee.

We surveyed one hundred people...

Name something that a boxer wears? Gloves, gum shield, shorts, belt, robe.

Name something that squeaks? Pet toy, mouse, door, floorboard, shoes.

In the Big Money Final Barry McGuigan played opposite his brother Dan.

Name something people put in their ear? Earcleaner and plugs.

Name something that stains your teeth? Tea and coffee.

Name a sport that does not use a ball? Swimming and horse riding.

Name a blue flower? Violet! and pass.

Name a type of note? Musical and pass.

The top answers for the Big Money were earplugs, tea, swimming, bluebell and musical.

Will Greenwood and Duncan James

Episode four was between rugby union player Will Greenwood who played 55 caps for England and Blue singer Duncan James. It was broadcast on Saturday 4 October 2008 at 7pm on ITV1 with a repeat on Sunday 3pm on ITV2.

Will Greenwood were from North Wales and told the viewer of his nickname Shaggy from Scoobie Doo. Will Greenwood was joined in the studio by his old man Richard, mother Susan, sister Emma and wife Caro. Their chosen charity was the children's charity Rainbow Trust.

Duncan James was joined in the studio with mum Fiona, partner Claire, auntie Carin and uncle Alistair. Viewers were treated to a clip of a young Duncan James talking about boy bands and his impressions of Elton John and Hulk Hogan. Their chosen charity was Fight for Life and having earnt 182 points they raised £1820.

During the first round of single money the Greenwoods decided to pass when asked to play or pass. The question was Name something that can be lumpy. The answer was custard, porridge, pillow, mattress, bum, mash and wrong answers included skin, dodgy boob job and the sea. The Greenwoods managed to steal this question with the answer gravy.

Other questions and answers included:

Name an activity that requires two people: tennis, making love (star prize of a racing car experience), ping pong, tandem, conversation and see-saw. Wrong answers included snooker, ballroom dancing, chess and getting married.

During this round viewers were treated to Will Greenwood and Vernon Kaye dancing the steps to a Take That routine and singing along to one of their tracks.

The questions and answers during the double money round were:

Name something associated with pirates? patch, parrot, ship (spot prize of a Mediterranean cruise from P&O), jolly roger, wooden leg and treasure. Wrong answers were hook and Jonny Depp).

Give another way to say be quiet? Shut up, shh, pipe down, silence (star prize of a holiday to a theme park in Spain) and enough noise. Wrong answers were put a sock in it and that's enough. The James were given a chance for the steal and could not make their minds up between hush and zip it. So Duncan James asked the audience to take a vote. This was the first time in the series that winandgo recall seeing the live studio audience. The majority of the audience chose hush which gave the James the steal.

The final round was between Will Greenwood and his wife Caro. Each question and answer were:

Name something associated with Scotland. Whisky and kilt.

Name a tropical fruit. Pineapple and coconut.

Give a girls name beginning with V? Victoria and Vivienne.

Name something you put into the bath? Bubble bath and ducks.

Name something that flies? Bird and aeroplane.

The top answers were haggis, mango, Veronica, bubble bath and bird giving the Greenwoods 184 points which with their first rounds points gave them £4120 for the Rainbow Trust charity.

Gary Lucy and Emma Griffiths

The fifth episode was between Gary Lucy and Emma Griffiths and was broadcast on Saturday 11 October 2008 at 9:15pm.

In the Gary Lucy team from Essex were girl friend Natasha, mother Ros, father Gary and grandmother Lily. Gary Lucy is an actor best known for Footballers Wives and the Bill. Their chosen charity was Haven House Children's Hospice.

TV presenter Emma Griffiths was joined by her husband Matt Willis from Busted, mum Cathy, sister Sharon and brother in law Craig. Their chosen charity was Breast Friends for which they raised £2510 from their 251 points.

Gary Lucy and Emma Griffiths questions with answers were:

Name a body part that moves when you laugh? Head, shoulders, belly, mouth, cheeks and boobs. Wrong answers were eyes, tongue and false teeth.

Give another word for trousers? Slacks, pants, strides (this answer won a spot prize of a weekend break at Knock Castle in Crieff), kecks and bottoms.

Name something that people take to bed with them? Hot water bottle, teddy bear, book (star prize of Alps week skiing holiday), drink and partner. This gave them a clean sweep and full board.

Name something people get stuck in? Lifts, traffic (spot prize of fishing gear), rut, mud and quick sand.

Each question and answer for the final round was:

Name an outdoor ball game? Football Rugby

Name something you paint? Walls Picture

Name a bird that swims? Duck

Name something that smells nice? Perfume Flowers

Name a kind of tax? Income Road

The top answers were football, walls, duck perfume and income which were all given by Gary Lucy to get their chosen charity £30,000.

Suzanne Shaw and William Roche

The Suzanne Shaw and William Roche episode was first broadcast on ITV on the 25 October 2008 at 9:25pm.

Hearsay Singer, actress and Dancing On Ice winner Suzanne Shaw was joined by her relatives from Manchester. These were her mum Janet, fiancť Jason, brother Paul and sister in law Adele. During their rounds viewers were treated to scenes of Suzanne Shaw performing ballet, in an Abba tribute band, dancing whilst dressed as a baby, doing the splits and dancing as a teenager. Suzanne Shaw's chosen charity was ICAN the children's learning difficulties charity.

William Roache, the longest serving Coronation Street actor as Ken Barlow, was joined by his Cheshire relatives of his wife Sara, daughter Verity, son Wills and friend Bella. Wills dressed as an army Captain to show his father's job before he became an actor. The chosen charity of William Roache was the Royal Schools Deaf and Communications Disorders in Tweedle Hill. The Roaches scored 261 points.

The first single money questions and answers were surveyed from 100 people and the top six answers were:

Name something that has a horn? Car (top answer), ship (star spot prize of a biplane wing walking experience for Janet who is afraid of heights!), bull, rhino, unicorn and bike. Wrong answers were lorry, start of a race and train. The Roaches had the opportunity for a steal but gave an incorrect answer of stag.

Name something you like to keep secret about yourself? Weight (top answer), bank balance, real hair colour, age, love life and it's a secret! Wrong answers by Will Roache included shoe size and height. Another wrong answer for the steal this time by the Shaws was medical history.

In the double money round the questions and answers were:

Name the first piece of clothing you remove if you loose at strip poker? Jumper, shirt, sock (top answer) and jacket to give a clean sweep to William Roache.

Give another word for laugh? Giggle, chortle, chuckle, snigger and guffaw. Incorrect answers were hilarity and titter.

Suzanne Shaw won the most points and chose her mum, Janet, to join her in the Big Money final round. Their questions and answers were:

Name something you wheel around? Wheelbarrow and pram.

Name a sport you use a bat? Cricket and tennis.

Name a green fruit? Kiwi and apple.

Name a kind of pole? Timed out by Janet who got the giggles over Vernon's accent. Lap dancing pole by Suzanne Shaw.

Name something you do with your shoes off. Mum and daughter both timed out for this question.

The top answers were wheelbarrow, cricket, apple, North Pole and swim. The Shaws scored 263 points in the first round and 170 points in the second round and raised £4330 for Ican.

John Barnes and Natasha Hamilton

John Barnes and Natasha Hamilton appeared on Saturday 1 November 2008 at 9:05pm.

Footballer John Barnes whose nickname was Digger scored 198 goals in his sporting career and famously sung a rap song for the 1990 World Cup which he sung in the studio with Vernon Kaye. John Barnes was joined by his kin from the Wirral who were wife Andrea, daughter Jemma, Siobhan, and cousin Lian. They scored no points but was given £1000 for their charities Claire House Hospice in the Wirral and Imagine Mozambique who are a homeless charity for children.

Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten was joined by her relatives from Liverpool which included her husband Riad, dad George, sister Georgina and uncle Stephen. Their chosen charity was Marie Curie for whom they raised £10,000.

Questions with answers asked of John Barnes and Natasha Hamilton were:

Name a sporting activity that takes place on water? Skiing, polo, sailing (prize of canon digital camera and camcorder with Kodak touch screen digital photo frame), rowing, swimming and for the steal surfing. Wrong answers included kayaking, canoeing and jet skiing.

Give a reason you might avoid someone? Argument, owe money, smell, embarrassment, dislike them and talk too much. There was one timed out answer and wrong answers included an ex or serious illness.

Name an animal men are described as? Pig (top answer), dog, rat, tiger, monkey or ape. Wrong answer was stallion.

Name a part of the body you can open? Mouth (top answer), eyes, legs, hands (star prize of Lotus and Ferrari racing experience at Silverstone with a spa break), and heart. Wrong answers were bum or bowels, ears and fingers. There was an opportunity for a steal by the Barnes but their answer arms gave a large X with negative sound effect.

In the Big Money round Natasha Hamilton played with her husband Riad. There questions and answers were:

Name a place people keep their money. Bank Pockets

Name a sport played on grass? Football and a Pass

Name something a car has more than one of? Wheels Mirrors

Name a romantic city? Paris Rome

Name something you add to tea? Sugar Milk

The top answers were purse, football, wheels, Venice and sugar.

The advert sponsor was Wink Bingo at and their ad saw two cats using a laptop at their site.

Series Two

Nell McAndrew and Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen

On Saturday 6 January 2008 at 8:20pm model and keep fit DVD instructor Nell McAndrew played against fashion designer and interior guru Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen.

On the side of Nell McAndrew from Leeds in Yorkshire were her mum Nancy, cousins Sheree and Samantha and Nell's friend Emma. The Nell McAndrew team won 93 points which was multiplied by ten for their chosen charity and then rounded to a cool grand by Vernon.

On the Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen team from Gloucester were his wife Jackie Llewellyn Bowen and their daughter Cecile along with uncle Christopher and cousin Susan. Their chosen charity for their winnings was the Lords Meads College in Uganda. The Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen side won 454 points and entered the big money round.

During the team play of Nell McAndrew versus Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen the following questions were answered along with the teams answers:

Name something that posh people have? - Posh accent, big house, money, big car, housekeeper or butler, designer clothes. The Laurence Llewellyn Bowen team got the steal from Nell McAndrew's team and a fun domestic argument between Laurence and Jackie Llewellyn-Bowen broke out! Jackie wanted the answer title whereas her husband insisted on land. His wife then started to ask the audience who shouted out answers until Vernon Kaye jumped up and down and started shouting! In the end Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen choose land and got the answer wrong!

Name something that uses lots of balls? - Snooker pool, tennis, golf, bingo machine, lottery machine, ball pit and a pin ball machine.

Name an excuse to get off the phone? - Someone at the door, cooking boiling over (this won a star prize of a weekend break), one answer timed out and lost a life, need the toilet, going out or a call waiting.

Give a name that you might call a loved one? - Darling (top answer), love, babe [which won a spot prize of a 42 inch High Definition (HD) TV and a Playstation Three (PS3) from], honey and sweetheart. This gave the Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen a clean sweep across the board.

The Nell McAndrew team lost to the Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen team but did raise £1000 for their charity. Mr and Mrs Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen went through to the final and the audience responded well to the innuendo when he said Tonight I shall be playing with my wife!

Each question in big money with each answer were:

Name something a policeman might have? Truncheon and helmet.

Name an object you cut? Paper and cheese (cheese got no answers!)

Name a song associated with Elvis Presley? Hound Dog and Are You Lonesome Tonight (the audience were treated to Vernon Kaye's Elvis Presley impression).

What do people do when they are in a good mood? Smile and laugh.

Name something you burn? Mrs Jackie Llewellyn-Bowen had a time out whilst her husband answered firewood.

The top answers in this round of big money for the last episode of series two were: truncheon, hair, blue suede shoes, sing and food.

Nikki Sanderson and Greg Rusedski

Coronation Street actress Nikki Sanderson who plays the character Candice Stowe played against tennis player Greg Rusedski on Christmas Day the 25 December 2008 at 4:10pm on ITV1.

Viewers saw the home of Nikki Sanderson with her mum Julie, boyfriend Danny, his mother Tracey, the brother and Quackie Duck. The chosen charity of Nikki Sanderson was the When You Wish Upon A Star. The team won £5600.

Greg Rusedski was joined by his wife Lucy, father in law Terry, uncle Shaun and sister in law Oonagh. The Greg Rusedski chosen charity was the Catholic Children Society. The team went on to win £1000.

The questions and answers asked of the Nikki Sanderson and Greg Rusedski team were:

Name an animal that is bigger than a car? Elephant (top answer), rhino, giraffe, whale and hippo.

Name a famous Michael? Michael Jackson, Michael Barrymore, Michael Owen, Michael Caine, Michael Angelo, Michael Douglas and George Michael.

Name a sport the British are good at? Football, Cricket, Rugby, None! and Darts.

Name something you do with your eyes shut? Sleep, sneeze, blink, think and kiss.

During this first round between Nikki Sanderson and Greg Rusedski a spot prize of a luxury holiday to the Limassol Cyprus Penthouse 4 Seasons Hotel and a Donaught Castle Golf Weekend break.

In the final round each question with the answer were:

Name something associated with France? Paris and Baguette.

Name a room in a house? Front and Bedroom.

Name a famous double act? Ant and Dec and Cannon and Ball.

Name something that melts? Chocolate and Cheese.

Name something you see at the dental surgery? Dental Floss and Chair.

These answers gave the team 154 points.

Claire King and Edith Bowman

Emmerdale soap star and TV actress Claire King and Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman played on Saturday 15 December 2007 on ITV. Claire King was joined by her sister Tracey, mum Angela, father John and her brother Piers. Claire King played for their chosen charity the MS Society and though they only won 6 points they were awarded £1000 for their charity.

The Edith Bowman team were her mum Eleanor, dad Sandy, brother Alex and her sister Libby. Edith Bowman raised money for a local kids wheelchair charity called the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal which is run by her mum Eleanor Bowman. They raised £5760 for the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal.

Questions asked in this episode with correct answers included:

Name something associated with Halloween? (pumpkin, dressing up, witches - which gave a star prize of a 3 night stay in the Polaris golf resort in Spain, ghosts and trick or treat.)
Name a game you play in bed? (pillow fight, twister, playstation, hide and seek, sex, cards, eye-spy and the wrong answer of rollover.)

In the Double Trouble Double Points section between the Claire King and Edith Bowman families each question and right answer were:

Name something you might do at an office party? (the first wrong answer was go to the stationery cupboard! drink, pull or kiss the boss, photocopy bodyparts, embarrass yourself and dance.)
Name a film starring Tom Cruise? (Mission Impossible, Top Gun, Cocktails - which was a spot prize for a 24 piece tool set, War of the Worlds and Vanilla Sky.)

Entry to the Big Money section were Edith and her mum Eleanor Bowman to join her playing big money. Their questions with answers were:

Name a part of the body you have two of? Breast and eyes but the top answer was arms.
Name a flavour of crisps? Plain and salt and vinegar but the top answer was cheese and onion.
Name a type of nut? Strange answer of cheese with a better answer of cashew but the top answer for big money was Brazil nut.
Name a red liquid? Ribena and wine though the top answer looked for was blood.
Name something you put in boiling water? Tea and coffee and tea was the top answer.

This gave the Edith Bowman team 135 points.

Jenni Falconer and Ben Richards

Telly presenter Jenni Falconer and actor Ben Richards on Saturday night of the 8 December 2007.
On the television presenter Jenni Falconer team from Glasgow we were treated to the antics of her mum Janette whilst she was dressed in a maid's costume when the camera crew came to visit their house. Back at the studio on the Jenni Falconer side were mum Janette, dad John, sister Dominique and brothers John and Scott.

The Bill actor Ben Richards team were his wife Helen, dad Mike, sister Lisa and sister in law Stella. The chosen charity by Ben Richards was SANDS, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society charity for which they raised £1320.

During this episode the viewers were treated to watch clips of Ben Richard singing and dancing hits from his CD and hit single On My Own - much to the embarrassment of Ben! Jenni Falconer did not escape the leg pulling by Vernon because viewers were able to watch clips of Jenni Falconer on Blind Date with Cilla Black. This was the first TV appearance of Jenni Falconer when she was a contestant on Blind Date.

Questions with answers asked by the Jenni Falconer and Ben Richards teams were:

Name something you slice? Cucumber, meat, bread (top answer), cake and vegetables.

Name a way you might guess a man was a transvestite? Wearing make up, wears a dress, has an Adam's apple, deep voice, hairy legs, stubble and big hands.

Each question and answer of the double money round were:

Name an occupation where you might wear a hat? Police officer, builder, fireman (which won an instant prize of a West Coast of India holiday cruise for four), chef and miner.

Apart from washing name something people do in the shower? Sing, shave legs (which won a spot prize of an European number one spa city resort weekend break), make love and wee.

The Big Money questions and answers were asked and answered of Jenni Falconer and her father John:

Name something put on a bed? Cover and pillow.

Name an article of clothing made from leather? Jacket or trousers.

Name an animal with horns? Rhino and bull.

Name something you put on a sandwich? Ham and cheese.

Name a game you play in the pub? Pool and darts.

The top answers for Big Money were: cover, jacket, bull, cheese and darts which gave the Jenni Falconer team top points and £30,000 for their chosen charity which if winandgo were listening correctly was BC2000 which is Breast Cancer 2000. Jenni Falconer is the patron of BC 2000 which is a Scottish charity at the Beatson Oncology Centre and the Western Infirmary Breast Care Unit which cares for cancer patients from the West of Scotland and Glasgow The units serve the communities of Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Stephen Mulhern and Kirsty Gallacher

Magician, children's entertainer and television presenter Stephen Mulhern and TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher played on the 1 December 2007 on ITV1. Joining the Stephen Mulhern team was his mum, dad, brother and sister. Their chosen charity was the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI). The Kirsty Gallacher team was her father the famous golfer Bernard Gallacher, her mother, boyfriend and brother. Their chosen charity was Marie Curie Cancer Care and they later won £1700 for their cause.

Vernon Kaye showed his magic trick of a disappearing hankie to magician Stephen Mulhern. Later on this episode he showed a clip of Kirsty Gallacher hitting Nick Faldo with a golf ball during a TV programme when she was a child.

Our survey says questions and answers were:

Name a slang word for a man? Bloke, fella, guy, chap, geezer.

Name someone or something you love more than your partner? Pet, yourself, football team, celebs, chocolate.

Name something a magician may have? Magic wand, rabbit, hat, pack of cards, assistant.

Name something you keep in your trousers? Keys, legs, wallet, money, privates.

Spot prizes for the celebrities included a parachute jump. During the advert break there was a cash competition on the adverts to win the weekly £5000 prize which had a telephone, text or website entry.

The questions and answers for the final round which was won by Stephen Mulhern were:

Name an occupation which means you might get dirty? Footballer and builder.

Name something prickly? Hedgehog and conker.

Give another word for a thief? Burglar and robber.

Name something you eat with a spoon? Custard and soup.

Name a season of the year? Summer and winter.

The top answers were miner, cactus, robber and soup. This gave the Stephen Mulhern side 198 points, just 2 points below the 200 points needed to win the top prize of £30,000 for their charity. The 198 points meant that Stephen Mulhern earnt £5500 for their chosen cause of the RNLI.

Actress Sammy Winward and Rugby player Kyran Bracken (winner) on the 24 November 2007.

Actress Louisa Lytton and radio and TV presenter ZoŽ Ball on the 17 November 17 2007.

Actress Angela Griffin (winner) and celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson on the 10 November 2007.

Entertainer Holly Willoughby and presenter Eamonn Holmes on the 3 November 2007.

Kim Ryder and Brian Dowling

The first episode of series two featured actress and singer Kym Ryder and Big Brother and Hell's Kitchen reality TV celebrity star Brian Dowling on the 27 October 2007. Viewers were treated to seeing the Cheshire home of Kim Ryder's parents Dave and Pauline and her daughter Emily. Her father Dave wore a Saturday Night Fever John Travolta Staying Alive white suit and treated viewers to a dance. Other relatives of Kim Ryder came from Wigan. Kim Ryder was joined by her brother Jon, sister Tracey, mum Pauline and dad David. The chosen charity for Kim Ryder was Destination Florida. Viewers were able to watch a clip of Kim Ryder and her first TV appearance where she sang the song For The Very First Time.

Cameras then went to the home of Brian Dowling in Kildare, Ireland where we met his sisters. A photo of Brian Dowling as a child was shown on the television screen. Brian Dowling was joined in the studio with sister Paula, Aofie and Clare and his friend Kris. The chosen charity of Brian Dowling was the local Children's Hospital Unit.

In the first round of the Single Money section the first question was Name something you use to wash a car? Answers were sponge, bucket of water, drive through car wash (funny and wrong answer by Dave), hose pipe (which earnt Tracey a spot prize of a Toshiba HD TV and DVD combo), car shampoo, polish (wrong answer by Pauline). These wrong answers gave Brian Dowling the Steal to which they correctly answered chamois leather or cloth. Other missing answers were the wife and a bucket.

The second question caused much smutty humour amongst the contestants and studio audience when the question: Name Something You Put In Your Mouth But Do Not Swallow? was asked. Wrong answers included lollipop, musical instrument, whistle, cigarette and plastic. The only correct answer was chewing gum. The missing answers were false teeth, cutlery, pen, toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash.

In the Double Money round David, Kim's dad, approached the console by doing a wee jig which he called his version of the New Zealand War Dance. The question was: Name An Occupation That Involves Touching People? Correct answers were doctor, dentist, massage or beauty worker, hairdresser (which gave Brian Dowling a spot prize of a red letter day tank driving experience with tanksalot) and nurse. Brian Dowling only gave one wrong answer which was physiotherapist. This gave the Dowlings a clean sweep.

The final round of Double Money revealed the question: Name Something You Might Loose As You Get Older? Correct answers were mind or memory (the top answer), teeth, sight (which gave Kim Ryder's mum and dad an 8 day MSC Mediterranean cruise for two) and their wrong answers were purse and hearing. Kim Ryder left and scored £1940 for their chosen charity of Destination Florida.

Brian Dowling was invited to chose someone to play the Big Money Final and said the innuendo: I would like Kris to play with me Vernon much to the amusement of the studio audience.

Their questions with answers were:

Name something you put around your neck? Necklace and Scarf

Name a sport that involves throwing something? Rugby and Tennis

Name a treatment at the beauty saloon? Botox and Brazilian Wax

Name a type of bean? Baked and poor Brian blurted out Lesbian! On the score card on screen this was sensitively written as Les Bean!

Name something people do when bored? Yawn and Sing a Song

The top answers were necklace, javelin, Brazilian wax and runner bean. This gave Brian Dowling and his friend Kris a total score of 163 points. They scored £4660 for their chosen charity of the local Children's Hospital Unit.

Series One

The last episode of series one and the Christmas special on the 23 December 2006 brought together two fictional families from ITV soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale which were the Battersby-Browns (actors and actresses Bruce Jones, Wendi Peters, Andrew Whyment, Samia Smith and Jayne Tunnicliffe) and The Hopes (winners) (actors and actresses Tony Audenshaw, Deena Payne, Verity Rushworth, Alex Carter and Adele Silva).

Cricketer and King of the Jungle from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Phil Tufnell and athlete Kelly Holmes (winner) on the 9 December 2006.

Footballer David Seaman and presenter Gabby Logan (winner) on the 2 December 2006.

Singer Lee Ryan and model Melinda Messenger (winner) on the 25 November 2006.

Celebrity cook Jean-Christophe Novelli and TV personality and host David Dickinson (winner) on 18 November 2006.

Singer Jimmy Osmond (winner) and Radio DJ Sara Cox on the 11 November 2006.

Comedienne Johnny Vegas and actress Nicola Stapleton (winner) on the 4 November 2006.

The first episode starred Radio presenter Chris Moyles and TV presenter Fearne Cotton (winner) and was broadcast on Saturday 28 October 2006.

It is possible to view clips at YouTube.

Beat The Star

Vernon hosted a new game show in April 2008 called Beat The Star. In this there was just one contestant who was pitted against a celebrity for a £50,000 cash prize. Examples of contestants and stars in Beat The Star includes a Policeman from Plymouth who took on the boxer Amir Khan.

The How to play Family Fortunes slot games information below is based on that at and is based on the hit TV show. They share many similarities which includes great prizes and many thrills.

There are five possible lines to bet on with a large quantity of combination symbols. It includes bonus games which can triple the player's money.

As you view the screen you will see the number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 running up both sides. You will need to click on one of the numbers. Should these numbers run in you win the prize. Before clicking though you will need to bet your stake of one, two or up to five of these numbered paths. The more you gamble the higher the winning payouts become. The winning lines are calculated from the left side and start on the first left hand reel. This is easily done by clicking on bet one up to clicking on bet max for all of them. Now you can hit the spin button to watch the reels spin.

Bonus Games

There are some bonus games that can be played during the playing of the slot. These include:

Free Spins which are rewarded to players when they reveal three free spin icons. During these all wins become either double money or triple money in the case of the triple money winning spins.

Question Round: Just like in the telly programme the question round is your chance to further increase your bonus win by answering three questions and winning coins to get yourself to the star prize round. And just like in the show you get to choose a team member to buzz in and answer a question which has three possible answers. You win the coins if the question is answered correctly. Answer all three questions correctly and you get to go through to the star prize round.

Star Prize Round

During the Star Prize Round you can increase your question round winnings and play for the star prize or its cash equivalent if you are in the play for real mode. To play you must click on the mystery cubes to reveal either the star prize, coin win or multiplier which multiplies your bonus win total. Though do beware because during your play just one revealed strike and it is the end of the star prize round.









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