Diamond Bonanza

Review of the fruit machine game Diamond Bonanza and where to play it for large cash prizes

This is one of the most popular fruit machine games. Not just because it is fun to play or because of the friendly chat rooms but mostly because of the big cash winners!

As an example of a winner they recently heard from Alan B who wrote a letter to them to tell about his three Diamond Bonanza wins of £22,000; £7000 and £5000. Alan told them that he plays to buy new furniture for his home such as a plush sofa and wardrobes for all the new clothes he is going to buy. After his shopping spree Alan intends to take his family on holiday either to Florida or to the Dominican Republic to celebrate.

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Patricia Lucky lived up to her apt surname when she won £10,442 playing the mini game Diamond Bonanza at Jackpotjoy in August. She said

I was screaming so loud my daughter came rushing downstairs, she thought I was dying! She was stunned. We both are.

Patricia Lucky is now busy turning her living room into her own little cinema having purchased a 40 inch, HD ready TV.

In the same month Helen H declared the Diamond Bonanza game her new best friend when she got £18,952. Helen said:

I was very excited. I can remember playing and seeing the five diamonds came up. I couldn't believe it. It was a magic moment!

In May Gail D won twice where her first was for £37,349 and this encouraged Gail to keep playing and her persistence paid off again when she got another large prize of £27,901. They telephoned Gail to chat about her two lucky wins:

My double wins were just unbelievable. I put some money into my account and only spent a little bit of cash. Then I heard a noise outside and got distracted by taking a look. When I returned to the computer screen and saw my account balance I could not believe what I was seeing. Then I phoned all of my family and friends and they could not believe what I was saying either! I can now help my son put down a deposit on a house. The second time I was able to see it added to my account on my PC screen.

Another lucky double winner was Daniel J from Islington’s who received £11,787. He then went on to get £14,408 on the classic Bullion Bonanza game. Daniel said:

It was nice to win the first prize and just incredible to win again. As soon as I get the cheque for my winnings I shall beout to buy my first new car. When I drive it to my friends and family they will finally believe me that I won twice within a few days at Jack Pot Joy.


In April Andrew D from Northumberland got £18,928 playing at the Jackpotjoy.com website. When asked about his win Andrew said:

I am over the moon. I really enjoy playing it and when I won I had the shakes. I have played many slot machine sites on the interet and favour them the best because the jackpots are great.

In March Gwen L won £25,062 when she played the Diamond Bonanza fruit machine game at www.jackpotjoy.co.uk during a rainy spring night. Gwen plans to use her winnings in the better weather:

I have been playing it since January 2004 and I have won over £8,000 before but this latest win is just incredible. I can now help the family out and I shall certainly be spoiling my grandchildren this Easter. There are lots of home improvements to come too!

Ep K got £20,597 from the Diamond Bonanza slot game in February. They spoke to her on the phone to congratulate Ep on her win ands to ask what she will spend the money on:

Thank you so much JPJ. This is really cool and such a lovely surprise and cheered me up on a cold day. I did not expect the slot win at all. I have not had time to make any plans so far but may add this money to my other Jack Pot Joy wins - it's my third from your fantastic website. I have recently received planning permission for a house extension so can now afford to have it built. The left over cash can help furnish the new room. I have such a great time on the Jack Pot Joy site, thank you. It is my favourite game. Thanks again!

Another player won a large prize in December, just in time for Christmas shopping. Irene P won £14,610 and plans to take her family for a Christmas holiday after hitting the shops.

One winandgo tip is to watch the progressive jackpot for this great five reel slot machine game. As can be seen from the Jackpotjoy winners stories above the payouts can reach into the twenty thousands. Or at least it was until Christmas when Peter K won a fantastic £126,025. Peter, a production officer for Jaquar cars in Liverpool, England had been playing since January. Peter said:

It’s sound. It’s brilliant isn’t it? I was awake all night. I just couldn’t sleep. I’m trying to hold back on telling too many people, but it’ll be a great Christmas and New Year! My girlfriend doesn’t believe me. I told my dad and he doesn’t either! I think I’ll pay some of my debts off, and then we’ll go on holiday to the Maldives.

In addition to this Peter and his girlfriend received a complimentary theatre break in London courtesy of Jackpotjoy.

Another was the husband and wife winning team of Jayne and George C. They got £49,463 and then went on to receive another £10,000 whilst playing What A Girl Wants. This wasn't the couples first big win at Jackpotjoy though, George won £70,000 when he played Bingo Gold. The couple said:

This is beyond belief. It’s not only made our Christmas. It’s made our lives! With my early win, we paid for our son to go travelling. We’ve just topped up his account. We’ve made so many people happy! I only wish I’d found it earlier. We have so much fun, it’s brilliant!

Diamond Bonanza

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