Deal Or No Deal Online Game

Play the Deal or no Deal online game with DOND jackpots won of over £1 million

Emira from England recently won just under £1 million in the Deal or no Deal UK online game.

Play with DOND 23 Free Spins

It follows the format of the popular Channel 4 show hosted in the UK by Noel Edmonds. Choose from the red boxes and be prepared to duel with The Banker during the slot machine DOND game.

Deal Or No Deal Online Game

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One of the largest Jackpotjoy winners was Keith who got a staggering £1,365,996.64 when he decided to play after a busy day's work as a market trader. Millionaire Keith is now deciding what he, his wife and daughter will do with his over £1.3 million. When asked about it Keith said:

On the day itself, I was working on the market and I headed home early ? it was just so cold and quiet. My wife offered me a coffee and I switched on the computer and saw the banner for £1.3 million. I just knew I had to give it a try. Almost before I knew it, I had five numbers left - £14, £16, £40, £200 and the jackpot. I knew it wasn't gonna make it easy, but I picked another 3 numbers and found myself looking at £200 and the big one.

Then the offer came in at £362, and I knew there was no-way I'd take it! So I said No Deal and the box came forward and the moment itself was weird I kinda knew I'd see £200 in the box and I was fine with it. Completely fine with it.

But then coming from out of the box, came the number: £1,365, 996.64 and I mean everything changed.

It's amazing, I've got enough to pay off all my debts - and still have change to buy a new house. I can't believe this has happened. Nothing will be the same again. I think the only way to sum it up was to repeat what I wrote in chat afterwards: This is a mind numbingly life changing event.

Ad Break Bingo was first played in 2011 during the adverts of the show on Channel 4. It formed part of the sponsorship and gave players the chance to win £250000. Players need to visit their website to get their Ad Break Bingo numbers and then watch the DOND ads to get the numbers to see if they match.

Ad Break Bingo

The progressive jackpot reached an amazing £878,638 in May. It is hoped by many a player that DOND will break the £1 million jackpot and many are busy playing in the hope of gaining this dream amount of cash.

Players just need to beat the banker and take a winning red box and secure a cash prize that is far greater than the TV show given away by the lovely Noel Edmonds.

It looks like this may even break the record set by 27 year old Emira B from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, England who got a record cash sum of £965,728 just before Christmas. There is more written below this review about Emira's story.

The new progressive jackpot was broken a few days later by 47 year old Danny F from Hampshire in England. Danny, who had only just joined a month before, received £903,367. Danny said:

I played my first one a couple of weeks ago and got to the last two boxes but then accepted. I lost the Jackpot but got it this time when it was much bigger! I was nervous and shaking towards the end. It's been a day now since I got this incredible amount of money and I just have not had the time to really think about it properly yet! When I won I had to wake her up because she had gone to bed early. She thought she was still dreaming! I think we will book a holiday soon but we are not sure where yet.

Player Linda tells us why she loves playing it:

I think it is absolutely brilliant and I am now hooked. I really enjoy watching the show and think Noel Edmunds is the nicest man on Channel 4 and the whole of the world of telly. As much as I admire him I would never dream of applying to become a contestant. Now thanks to Jack Pot Joy I do not have to because I can play at home for real

Unlike many gaming websites and gambling platforms they develop all theirs in house and there is no software to download. Why not try your luck and hopefully go on to accept the banker's offer or take a chance on the mystery box?

Midwife Sarah L beat the banker when she opened a DOND red box to reveal an instant cash prize of over £70,000. For Sarah this was so unexpected that she went running round her house screaming with joy! When she calmed down Sarah told them:

I knew that I would always choose yes if the chance ever came up whislt playing and when the banker offered me either a £50 offer or the red box I just had to choose to open the box. I was shocked when it revealed over £70,000 inside and I went quite and thought to myself have I really achieved that? I later told my friend how much I had got playing it at the website and she just thought that I was having a laugh!

Showing her caring nature Sarah told them her plans for the money. She is keeping enough for a car for herself and her husband and then plans tp share her happiness by giving away money to her family.

It was beat by Rob D with £88,805 who told them:

It feels good to have won. I have not planned what to spend the money on because it still has not sunk in. Though I think a holiday to Las Vegas could be on the cards.

Deal Or No Deal

They announced their largest Jackpot ever in December when the progressive jackpot reached an incredible £751,000. This huge sum of money will be won by one lucky person when he or she beats the banker. When the DOND winning red box is achieved they will win all of the £751,000 which increases with each second. They are enjoying one of their busiest times ever on the website. Regular players and many new registrants are playing in an attempt to get their regular prizes whilst having their eye on the progressive jackpot. It is thought that this life changing sum of money is the largest cash prize from a game show TV internet game. The previous largest progressive jackpot was £629,547.

If you have never played with them before or think that new registrants may not get such high cash prizes then think again. One new player called Ricky won £195,989 thirty minutes after registering and playing - proof that it is truly possible to beat the banker.

They enjoy being the only official Deal or no Deal game online and this can be seen in the way they value their players by offering such large cash prizes. New players can enjoy a matched bonus on their first deposit up to £100 and can soon start to play the 100 single line spins.

Webmasters who promote it are hoping that one of their referred players achieve the progressive jackpot because they will reward the affiliate with a £1000 bonus if the DOND progressive jackpot is won by one of their lifetime players.


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