Bullion Bonanza

Review of the Bullion Bonanza progressive ticker jackpot game with playing tips and hints and details of the cash prizes, winner stories and offers to play it

This is a popular three line and three reel progressive jackpot slot machine game. Payouts vary from thousands of pounds for ordinary winners and up to £31,000 for the Bullion Bonanza game progressive ticker jackpot prizes as can be seen in the winners stories further below this winandgo article and review. The progressive jackpot can be seen on the screen ticking away enticingly at the top.

As can be seen in the images and screen shots on this winandgo page the symbols and graphics are based on old fashioned gold mining. Symbols include lucky 7s, gold ingots, gold bars, cherries and the lucky bar.

Bullion Bonanza Game

The background shows mining carts moving around the computer screen. The mining cart moves and there is a sound effect of falling coins to indicate a win and winning combinations are displayed to the left. For example a winning sequence of three blue 7 symbols gives you 50 times your betting stake value. Other winning sequences include 3 gold bars for 800 times your bet stake and 3 cherries for 10 times your deposit.

Progressive Jackpot

The gold bar is a card symbol and getting just two cherry symbols gives you a small win. Players seeking to win the progressive jackpot should bet the maximum three lines. Each line costs £1 so to play the three lines will cost you £3 per spin but the potential prizes are much higher. Look for the three bars appearing on the third line to indicate that you are a lucky winner. This is calculated from a percentage of stakes from every player who has played during a set time. There are other jackpotjoy.com fruit machine games that cost just a penny to play and can be read about in the winandgo.com reviews on the left of this article.

The Bullion Bonanza progressive jackpot total appears on the homepage of Jackpotjoy.com and throughout its pages, usually on the right hand side. During the two days that winandgo.com played for this review it rose from around £8000 to £22000.

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It can be played for free and when you win you can earn points for prizes. Real cash players can play Bullion Bonanza for real cash prizes and winners stories are printed further below.


It took some playing for the winandgo team to discover that during some wins some symbols appeared as blank. This in no way detracts from the enjoyment of it and adds to the pleasant surprise of winning cash prizes.

There is no annoying music when you play and the jingle of the moving reel is very mellow as the wheels revolve, spin and stop.

There are no bonus features nor nudges.

Bullion Bonanza

Progressive Ticker

Debbie W joined the many winners at jackpotjoy when she won £20,568 playing her favourite progressive ticker game. Of her lucky win she said:

I was jumping from the ceiling, running around the house. I had my husband and son there and they just wouldn't believe me at first. We can go on holiday, pay the bills, help out the family and save the rest. This win just makes life so much easier. It's absolutely amazing, I'm delighted!!

How would winning over £20,000 change your life? As Debbie has shown there is so much you can do with your winnings and have change for the future.

In May Marco M struck gold when he won this slot machine game. His winnings were £31,451.He missed seeing the money being added to his Jackpotjoy.com account because he was dipping into Bingo Gold at the time. When he went back to check his account balance he got a lovely surprise. Marco immediately typed about his winnings in the chat room at Jackpotjoy and he received many words of congratulations from fellow players.

Chris B becomes the latest winner when he won an incredible £28,942. He said:

It is absolutely brilliant. I turned 23 last week and this lovely win certainly came as a birthday treat. My girlfriend was very excited. Nobody else believes me!

The big Jackpot win has come at a great time for Chris, who has been saving to enjoy another holiday similar to one he went on last year:

My girlfriend gets to go to Las Vegas again now! We went last year and have been trying to save up some cash to go again! Chris B has been a Jackpotjoy member for a little while now and he is a fan of Casino games and Deal or No Deal, and this is not the first time he has been lucky:

I won £500 a while ago at the Jackpotjoy website but this one is simply amazing.

Could you be this lucky?

In the photograph below you can see Chris holding his Jackpotjoy cheque:

Jackpotjoy Slot Machine Winner

In March Gail D won £11,604 whilst playing the slot machine game Bullion Bonanza at www.jackpotjoy.co.uk. Of her lucky slot win Gail told Jackpotjoy.co.uk:

It was fabulous when I looked at the PC screen. I could hardly believe my luck really, especially since I was distracted from playing the slot game because I was reading my Chat magazine at the time. As I turned the page I glance up to the computer monitor and just stared with disbelief at my balance. It was quite a shock! I am not sure what to spend the money on, but I am not playing towards winning the Tycoon's Treasure Jackpot to see if I am having a lucky winning streak at Jackpotjoy. Then I can start to think about buying a dream holiday, though not by plane since I have a fear of flying!

Gabrielle W won £15,603 in April at Jackpotjoy.com playing the slots game. She told the Jackpotjoy team:

I was really shocked! I think everybody who plays at Jackpotjoy wonders if they will ever win but when you actually do, it is a great feeling! I will be using the money from my winnings to pay off my debts and then I will finally think about planning a summer holiday for the kids. They absolutely love going to Butlins so we might go there!









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