How to play Blackjack

How to play Blackjack with this comprehensive guide to the rules and history of the game and where to go online to win cash prizes

How to Play Blackjack

The objective is to form a hand of a higher value than your opponent or dealer without going over the card value of 21. Royals are worth 10, aces worth either 10 or 1 and others are at their face value.

The dealer will place each one face down to each player and then players can request extra ones until they have a hand near or at 21. A hand of two that add to 21 is called a natural. A hand of over 21 loses. When requesting more it is usual to say "twist", "I draw" or "hit me". When you have the hand you need you can call "stick", "I stand" or "I stay" to the dealer.

Jackpotjoy have blackjack games to win large cash prizes. Each costs only 10pence. New players can claim a free matched bet.

The History of Blackjack

It was first played in France in the 18th Century and evolved from the two games Chemin de fer and Ferme to become a game known as Vingt-et-un. It soon found its way to the USA where it was also called Pontoon and Twenty-one.

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The house edge in a real casino is 0.5% making this good odds for you. This increases for online blackjack casinos because they do not use a real deck. This means that players cannot keep a mental tally of the number of high and the number of lows on the table that have been played. So sharp players cannot keep an eye on the number of high ones that are left to work to their advantage. This doesn't mean that a player cannot use their skill and judgement to try and win more.









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