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Some free online bingo games sites can be played with a minimum of £10 in your account and when you win you can request cheque, credit card or bank transfer payment, or use them to play more fun and exciting slots at only 10 pence.

Registration is free and only takes a few seconds (click at "join now") and once your account is set up you can access their great games and start within seconds by logging into their secure site. Alternatively register for free and choose "play for fun" to dip your toes in the water without paying a penny. Enjoy the banter and friendship of fellow players in the moderated chat rooms. All have various themes to keep you entertained and the graphics are high quality and fast loading. Combine these with their sound effects and you can easily have an enjoyable few minutes or hours of fun gaming at low cost with the chance for cash prizes.

In April the record breaking UK winner was announced as Mark J from Lancashire who won a massive £107,646.90 after he decided to try in the afternoon. He had only joined a few weeks before. He had been off work that day and decided to spend some time playing online. He is certainly glad he did! When phoned by them straight after he said:

I am in shock and just cannot believe my luck. It is absolutely fantastic! I am home alone with just the dog for company so I have been ringing everyone I know. They are all just really happy for me and asking what I shall spend it on. My pregnant sister is over the moon for me and I shall be sharing some of it with her. My partner and I have always dreamt of owning a house by the coast and now our dream can come true thanks to my decision. Thank you, we can now put down a deposit on our dream home by the sea.

Mark not only gets a £107,646.90 cheque but also a surprise gift of a trip to London.

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Another lucky player was Stephen J from Northumberland who won an incredible £99,342.

I'm still a bit ill with shock! said Stephen. I thought I would never win a penny. When it came on the screen, I thought ‘oh my God!'

My Mum was watching at the time and she had won £13,000 a while ago. With this, we can do what we want! We've got no more money worries, have paid the mortgage off and I'm totally secure!

Stephen is now beginning to plan what to spend his prize money on but not before seeing to a bet he made with friends.

This weekend we were in Blackpool and I had a feeling the Jackpot was on the way. Someone in Chat had predicted it would go at 9pm too. I bet my friend that if I won, we'd go to Florida and hit the theme parks to go on all the big rides.

We bought a designer kitchen a while back but haven't been able to afford the installation. Now we can get it sorted!

On his way to London for a celebratory theatre break, Stephen will be continuing his hobby as a member of the winner's club, something he's only been able to dream of until now.

In chat, you speak to more people that have won big than on any other site. It's amazing. Everyone was congratulating me!

Sky offers new players a free £20 to play. Prizes reach as high as £5000 and many of them have progressive jackpots. Tickets start from just 15p.

Paddy Power are offering a free £2 for the Gold Room where jackpots reach as high as £50,000. Other prizes are guaranteed and there is extra fun such as the monthly champions league where players earn points. The more points, the better the prize. They cost from only 5 pence.

In between you can play the other online games at Paddy Power such as Get Cracking or Trolling for Treasure.

Benefits to you include 24/7 customer support, entertainment from only 5 pence and chat rooms with chat moderators. There are also tournaments with huge daily guaranteed prizes and prompt payments.

In order to get your free £2 you need to click on register and complete your e-mail address so that a link can be sent to you.

Last month David D joined their Super Jackpot club when he won a life changing £30,000 cash prize during weekly happy hour. A day later the staff caught up with a still excited David to ask him what he planned to do. David sad

It is absolutely brilliant. I had just put the cards on and went to cook tea for the family. I got back to the PC screen and when I looked I just sat there with my mouth wide open! I did not expect to see anything in my account balance so it all came as a great big surprise. Like Victor Meldrew I didn't believe it!

David called through his wife to share the joy - and to check he was not having a waking dream! Within minutes David and his wife were planning what treats they could now buy. David continues:

I showed my wife and we just sat there! We felt butterflies and shock. I'm going to pay off my credit card debt which will now cover a foreign holiday we just had in Singapore. My wife has always wanted to go to Hawaii so we might go there as a special treat. I will be buying some premium bonds too so that my luck can continue.

A recent Bullion Bonanza Jackpot was Pamela G. She not only won £30,000 but only a few months ago, back in April Pam won £35,000 when playing Bullion Bonanza.

She said:

I could not believe it. I was not in the room at the time because I was in my sister in law's house and chatting in the kitchen and when I turned to see the screen in the lounge, everyone in Chat was congratulating me! I looked at my balance and could not believe my eyes. I got up and started screaming. The in law and neighbours must have thought I was stark raving mad!

So how does Pamela plan to spend it:

We bought a conservatory and visited Egypt and Tenerife with our first JPJ. My daughter has claimed some because she wants a brand new car. Even my husband has claimed some of the cash so that he can buy his mid life crisis motorbike! With the change the family will be treated to a trip to America.

The team thought that since Pamela is sharing with her family she deserved a reward so they treated her and a guest to a theatre performance in London.

Everyone keeps calling me jammy! said Pamela.

Full House Bingo

Another winner had the same good fortune but the other way round. Caroline C from Oxon was playing Full House Bingo when she won £10,971 at Tycoon Treasure.

I was so stunned I really could not believe it. The time was well past midnight and it was such a surprise. I was playing when my account just kept shooting up and then some more. As I past each £1000 I was getting more excited and when it went over £10,000 my eyes were popping out of my head. I had always played at Jack Pot Joy for fun and this was a real treat to get such a large sum of cash.

I have recently received the cheque and rushed it to the bank so that I can spend it on Christmas presents. My daughter already has a large Christmas present list for Santa!

Full House Bingo

The first was Rosa D with an incredible prize fund of £107,897 from the progressive jackpot. This also goes down in their history as the highest jackpot winner ever.

Rosa D said of her huge cash prize:

I'm elated. I felt so shocked when I saw that I'd won on the screen. It has not sunk in yet.

When I won I couldn't stop shaking. I was crying with tears of joy too! It took me a while to tell my husband about it though. I left it until 1 o'clock. He soon started spending it in his head though!

With it so recent and Rosa at work this morning in shock, she understandably hasn't made too many plans yet, but is surely going to have a great final month.

I haven't got any plans as yet. My daughter's just graduated as a midwife so we'll be paying off her university fees. We're going to have a think about what else we'll spend it on, but it's going to be a great Christmas!

It is obviously my favourite game now! I enjoy The Price is Right too, and have played Tycoon's Treasure quite a bit!

In June Joanne W became another success when she won £56000. She can't wait for it to be deposited into her bank account because she is pregnant and has three other children so wants to buy some treats to celebrate this happy occasion.

Another was Sandra L who won a staggering £41,585 in April.

Sandra told their team:

I thought I was going to collapse. I never even dreamed of getting the Jackpot! At first I thought I had won the game Jackpot. When I checked properly, I could not believe it! My heartbeat was racing and I was shaking. I ran up the stairs to tell my 18 year old son and I was crying. I just could not believe how much I had won. My husband and I have already booked a holiday to Tenerife!

Bingo Lounge

There are some large cash prizes to be won in the bingo lounge such as the £10,738 recently won by Karen T. They even rewarded Karen with a complimentary trip to London with her husband. Karen said:

This is fantastic. I couldn't believe it. I was so shocked at the time that I couldn't stop shaking! I looked at the screen to see my name on the Jack Pot Joy screen. I was stunned!

As soon as I told my husband, he rushed out and got a bottle of champagne to celebrate. I'm going to use the money to go on holiday, perhaps to the Caribbean. My daughter wants to go to Disneyland Florida so we might end up going to both.

Another was a surprised Eileen H who bagged £5,997 whilst she slept! Eileen explains:

I brought some cards and played for a little while and then left them over night to go to bed. I didn't even realise I had won until my daughter called me up this morning. I couldn't believe it at first, I thought she was pulling my leg. We've got a caravan so might take a nice break away to Somerset. I would say that it is my favourite game, I just feel lucky in there and now I've won!

A winner needs to get one line, two lines of a full house, ie all the numbers on the card. Prizes are set at an average of £5 for one line, £15 for two lines and £45 for a full house. There is also the larger prize, often in the thousands of pounds, of the progressive jackpot. This can be won by a lucky player who manages to cross off all the numbers called on their card within the number limit.

To start visit and in the games section click on the tab. This creates a pop up screen that will load the game. So no need for any downloads or to install software though you will need to allow pop ups. It takes a few seconds for the game to load. You then get a welcome message and can buy tickets. The screen shows you a countdown to the next game with number of players and jackpot prizes. Tickets cost from just 5 pence. Once you are ready just click on the tickets you have chosen and they will highlight in a darker blue with the words selected up the left side. They can easily be returned by clicking on them again to deselect or just confirm your order by clicking buy using the green button to the left of the computer screen.

Strips can be purchased by clicking on the plus or minus signs to the left. Or simply click on max to buy the maximum number permitted.

Now just wait for your choice to begin. You should now see a countdown on a large red round button at the top left of your screen. Some players like to spend this time playing their cash prize mini games and chatting away in the chatrooms. These activities do not interrupt your screen.

The last chance to buy tickets will be announced thirty seconds before it is due to begin. When they start you can hear and watch the balls and mark these off your tickets.

In August Sandra S won £1,415 playing the 100 game.

It's great! My husband was out fishing and a name flashed up on my screen and I thought who's that? And then I realised it was me. Honestly I just couldn't believe it. When I showed my husband he was saying make sure you spend it wisely. So I'm going to get my hair done now and buy some new shoes – and treat the grandchildren who are having  their birthdays next month.

In June Anabela won £4506:

I am utterly thrilled. I was sat in the living room with my husband when I won and we immediately decided to book a summer holiday to Portugal for just the two of us and our daughter.

Another was Tommy M from Nottingham who won £2,000. He wrote a nice thank you letter which said:

I just wanted you to know how brilliant I find the site. The website graphics are amazing and I love the way you can jump from room to room within seconds. I also play The Price Is Right! The advance buy is out of this world. The site's so easy to use, has great graphics and the hosts make you feel welcome. Thank you!

Bingo Gold

In October a record breaking £185,942 was paid out to lucky Patrick from Surrey for playing his favourite game Bingo Gold.

There were two lucky recipients of large jackpot prizes in August. The first was Nigel B who won £25,998 after making his very first deposit. He now plans to spend it on a luxury holiday. The second was Amanda C who won an even bigger prize of £36,327. She told them

I am only just starting to get my head around my fortune. I was playing alone when all of a sudden I saw something going on in chat. I thought I may have won a couple of hundred pounds but then I nearly passed out when I saw I had also won the progressive jackpot. I shall be investing this money really carefully and will probably use it to invest in a house.

Ian S won £4,208: All his family had gone to bed and he was playing late at night and woke them up with his shouts of joy. Ian said:

It was brilliant! My daughter and grandchild had just gone to sleep, but they came rushing down when they heard me yelp. I've booked a holiday to Tenerife in the build up to Christmas. Everyone's got little treats off me.

It has grown hugely in popularity in recent years and the pastime continues to grow with many players equally asking how to win. This is helped in a large part because it is so easy to join. You simply register your details with a secure site and then set up your player account with your own unique username and password. After you have entered the room you buy your cards; though many offer you free cards or a free sign up bonus so that you can try our their rooms at no financial cost, just your time. You can purchase as many cards as you wish, each one giving you the opportunity to get a cash prize. The money will automatically be taken from your player account and your winnings will be placed into the same account. Most sites let you withdraw cash deposits either as a cheque or into your bank or credit card account.

Some people claim that it can be mathematically calculated and that this is the most important strategy. Then there are the statisticians who claim that the balls will drop in a uniform pattern which are governed by the laws of probability. So using this strategy then there should be an equal number of even and odd numbered ones called as well as an equal number of low and high numbers. The statisticians also argue that an equal number of numbers which end in a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc will also be called. For example one rather obvious strategy is to buy as many cards as you can afford to increase your odds. Do any of these work? We will leave that answer to your own judgment.

So how to increase your odds without having to buy lots of cards, finding lucky numbers or becoming a statistician? Most analysts will say that playing with fewer people in the room is the only way to increase your odds of beating the house. Though of course this means lower cash prizes since the number of stakes and deposits is responsible for the size of the payout. However if this is no problem for you and you see this as a way to increase your odds then look at the times to play when you know that there will only be a small number of players. In our experience this tends to be during the day when people are at work, busy with the children or with housework. Leisure time in the evening tends to attract higher numbers of players.

Most know that they have a responsibility to their players such as providing a secure site and fast pay outs but do they have a responsibility when they play? There are some responsibilities such as having to be aged over 18 years and gambling responsibly. Though considered by many to be a game, it is still a form of gambling and can be addictive so please do keep an eye on what you deposit and ensure it is within your budget and that you can afford to gamble and do take plenty of breaks. That said it is also great fun.

Larger ones can offer players a huge variety of different types. For example popular ones include 75-ball, 80-ball and even 90-ball. These differ in themselves with card prices, ball speed and the patterns needed. Everyone can find an online bingo game to match their likes given the plethora available when you type it into your favourite search engine. Other offers include standard patterns such as diagonal, vertical and horizontal, as well as more complex ones like Blackout where you have to cover all the spots on your card. There are also unusual patterns such as four corners, pumpkins, turkeys, the plus sign and so on. So, when you feel like having fun but you do not want to leave the comfort of your home then why not give it a try, relax, have fun and even have the chance to get some money.

ShootJack offers a 100% match up bonus offer of up to £150 to their live and interactive website where they are available every day from 9am to 1 am, seven days a week. One of the many benefits of playing is that you can join players from all over the world, interact with new friends and chat or just play along. Enjoy top class presenting skills from the various in-house presenters. Every day from 9am to 10am there is the chance to win lots of cash for as little as 1 pence a ticket with penny money mountain session.

New customers can claim their 100% match up bonus of up to £150 by signing up and completing the form using the link below. Once you have registered and you have made your first deposit then you will receive your match up bonus.
Other advantages is the support if you have any questions or require help, just go to ‘Ask for help' in the chat box and someone will be there to help you. Throughout the year they run seasonal promotions such as for Christmas and New Year there is the 12 Days of Xmas promo.

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