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Review of the Astro Bingo and slot machines games website with free trial offer

As the name suggests there is a heavy emphasise on astrology and star signs. You can get free daily horoscopes and astrological advice which includes free readings from top guest astrologers a key astrological times such as the New Year or Christmas.

Free Bingo Trial

A major advantage that they have is that they offer a free bingo trial. There is no need to add a cash payment nor give any credit card details when you register. They just want you to enjoy playing their free games so that you can experience the fun and excitement. Many do continue to pay and play with them but there is no obligation to do so after you have finished. They start from only 5 pence and it can last some time - and you get to keep any winnings.

Unlike other online halls they have 2 different ones, an American and a British style.

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Online Bingo Bonus

If you do decide to join you will be further rewarded with a matched online bingo bonus. The more you can afford to deposit the higher this will be. Unlike other websites this does not end with the free sign up bonus. Each time you deposit money you will receive more. This ranges from 35% for a £1 deposit, 45% for a £40 deposit and an incredible 65% for a £10 deposit. Do check the terms and conditions. There are a few times when it may not be permitted such as during weekend specials. There are other specials and offers most months and the best way to keep abreast of the news is to sign up for their newsletter.

Bingo Winner

Each bingo winner is listed in the latest winners section. Prizes may not be as high as other platforms but these are real winners who have received real cash prizes. And remember they start at only 5 pence and they have the friendliest chatrooms that we at winandgo have found. Scroll down the page and you will see the progressive jackpot prizes of hundreds of pounds for each winner.

Each is invited to contribute to the testimonials where you can read how they felt about the good news and how they will spend their winnings. Some of the winners have included photos and there are further photographs in the album. So when you make a new friend in the chatroom you may be able to see their photograph and let them see your picture.

The Hall of Fame has another list of each winner of the progressive and coverall Hall of Fame.

As an example of a large jackpot winner Kezziebar won £5500 in July. Her win was in the Legs11 75 ball room. She said of her win:

I was playing all morning and then decided to finish at around 4:35am. However I decided to log back on to watch the CA. That was when I noticed that my account was 5500 pounds plus richer. I was shocked and then realised that I had closed off my screen on the SkiJump pattern. It was such a big surprise and I am still in shock. It probably willl not sink in till I have the cheque in my hands.

Bingo Games

They like to keep their games as free and as exciting as possible. For example users can enjoy nightly marathons which have an additional prize of £30 for the winner. Other specials include the hourly specials in the 75 ball hall and innovative games such as Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal where your buddies can win prizes if you win.

In October they introduced a 50p slot machine.

Bingo Chat Rooms

There is a well populated chat room and many people log in just to catch up with their friends or to make a new friend in the chat rooms. It is possible to play and chat at the same time and there are some special features to help do this which includes an auto dab facility.

They are supervised by helpful and friendly moderators and there are special chat room mini games such as keno, pull tabs, video poker and slots.

These have prizes that vary and include group contests such as Tug of War and many more.

In addition to getting online help from the chatroom mods can use the free phone line for assistance, particularly helpful for depositors.

They have a great feature for the regular player who is a little bit short of cash. It is called the credit rebate and allows the player to claim a rebate of 50% of their last deposit. To claim this all you need to do is click on the credit rebate and read the terms and conditions for full information.

Afternoon Delight is a special just for those who visit in the afternoons. Based on the popular phrase clickety click 66 this only costs £1 per person for 6 cards. It takes place each day from 2pm until 5pm.

Wheel of Fortune is a small gem of a slot machine and can be played in between. They even make winning more fun by having Wheel of Fortune online specials. For example there is the hourly pattern. One popular is the abLetterFortune Wheel of Fortune slot machine Letter of Fortune. This lets them play in front of the others in the chat rooms.

Choose a letter that you think should appear in the puzzle. The chat room moderator (CM) can often drop in and gives hints such as whether the word or phrase is a person, object or place. If you correctly reveal a letter you can have the opportunity to guess the puzzle answer. Click on the View button to see an updated puzzle. Winners can receive the grand prize of £15. If you get the letter wrong your turn ends and another player gets a turn.

Recent testimonials from their happy players include:

I would like to say to them that I am very pleased to have won the television. I could not believe it because I have never won anything like that before. I was in total shock for a few days but I am now looking forward to receiving my TV. I have only been playing for a few months but I think it is brilliant. Thanks again.

I would highly recommend them because it is friendly and easy to use. I was also lucky enough to win £1,022 so I am more than happy.

Absolutely great site with more chances of winning. I'm hooked but at no real cost. I would be lost now without them.

I have tried a lot of online sites and in my opinion they are the best - it is so friendly and you win too.

Love it, love it, love it. Great peeps, fantastic cm's, brilliant benefits and the chance to win money. What more could you ask for.

Each year during Valentine Day they offer new registrants to their website a free love horoscope in addition to other offers such as their free £1. Since chocolate is the food of love then they also offer free chocolate giveaways during Valentines.

They have an affiliate programme on Paid on Results (POR) which is managed by Jess Luthi who runs the company Affiliate Program Advice.

Referring a new registrant who deposits £30 will earn a webmaster £30 and 15% commission of the deposits for the lifetime of each. Referring web sites that provide an increased number who play larger sums of money can negotiate higher levels of life time commissions for increased exposure of banners, text links and editorial on sites just like we at winandgo have done.

They have a second tier level commission at 5% when other webmasters are referred.

Do consider listing them on your website because the site will appeal to a wide range of people. Though men do play, the typical player in the UK is a female aged over 25 years of age with children. But do not rule out targeting men because they deposit larger amounts of money.

They remain one of the stickiest websites in Britain with over 18% returning to make multiple deposits over a period of 60 days. In the UK they have one of the highest retention rates at 9% after 120 days.

One other benefit is that if a player with your ID attached to their account wins the progressive Jackpot then you will be rewarded a bonus payment which is worth 10% of their winnings. Typical progressive jackpots have been about £2400. Though in the winter when more people play at home in the comfort of a warm room when it is cold, windy, snowing, icy or raining outside this progressive jackpot increases considerably. For example in November their progressive jackpot reached over £3350 and a webmaster walked away with a 10% share of this with over £335.

In addition the programme runs many incentives ranging from free flights, hotel accommodation and spending money in a local currency to attend conferences and courses. At Christmas there was a competition prize of a trip to Orlando for the best advertiser and also a random player. Such incentives are rewarded to any referrers for various prize draws and conditions such as referring new people, best performing, etc. These terms and conditions are announced on the newsletters and on the platform. Though we have never won we are aware of some of the past winners which includes Chris Wesson who used to be the manager for Jackpotjoy at Tradedoubler but now runs his own website. When winandgo win we will let you know!

Other competitions for webmasters included a £500 main prize for those who referred over 3 in the month. All the names of such were entered into the competition and there were runner up prizes of £50 and free full passes to the summit event in London.

Competitions are also run and past prizes have included Lush cosmetics, Cadbury's prizes and a perfume giveaway.

Do keep your website fresh with news and content to keep your visitors returning back and earning you commissions. Many are transient and will go from one to another taking advantage of offers. By giving them these you can help retain their custom.

Users can still refer other users even if they do not own a website. By using the Buddy Referral you simply tell someone about them and ask them to use your player ID which should start with AUK. You then get 15% of your friends deposits for life. Start by telling them about the free £1.

This part of the win and go review will answer any questions. Our first is:

How To Get Paid Winnings

When you are lucky to win the cash prizes will be added to your online account. Any prizes like a t-shirt, watch, mug, necklace, perfume etc will be sent direct to the mailing address given when you set up your account.

Taking out any cash prizes is called a cashout. They allow you to take out this cash once a day and ask that the minimum amount you redeem is £30 for games and £85 for their casino. This cuts down on expensive administration and bank charges and the savings are passed back through the prize values. For the same reason the cashouts are processed three times a week, usually on alternate working days, ie Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At the time of writing this review article the maximum cash withdrawal per month was set at £500. Though money over this can be kept in your account and used to play. You can request payment by cheque or other payment methods negotiated with them.

If you win amounts over £30 from the free £1 without depositing any of your own money then they will not pay this out in cash but allows you to play further with this money. This is to prevent any con or fraud scam and is a security measure that you are who you say you are and own the bank account or credit card registered to deposit money. It also prevents money laundering scams. There are further security checks that they or their agent may ask and this could include proof of address such as something other than a current utility bill from an electric, gas, phone or water company. They may also ask for a photo ID document. This is usually only asked for once to ensure you safely receive your first and hopefully many more winning payments.

There are many more rules and regulations concerning collecting your winnings from the site and these are described in more detail in their info page.

If you have a question you would like answered then please contact me.

Play team online with your mates and battle against others in their Wednesday Super Lotto. The following day you can pit your wits against other roomers in the 2 Fat Ladies Thursday Royal Roomie Feud. Earn more points when you correctly answer trivia questions and completing fun tasks.

Dash 4 Dosh is heart racing on a Saturday. Be quick with your daubers and sweep your way to the finish line.

Their catchphrase is Fun, Fairness & Friendship.

In October they announced an industry first in the form of the first affiliate car competition. By referring new registrants someone who uses Paid on Results links can win a brand new car. There is also a £7000 cash alternative. This is certainly the largest incentive that winandgo has heard of being awarded and could possibly be the biggest incentive in the history of marketing within the United Kingdom. Even the 7K cash alternative is the largest cash prize awarded that know about.

The car competition is for a brand new Ford Ka 1.3 petrol engine and the basic car model will have functions such as ABS (anti lock braking), an airbag on the driver's side of the car, heated rear window, power assisted steering, side impact door beams, a Passive Anti Theft System immobiliser (PATS), opening rear windows, remote controlled door mirrors and half splitting and or folding rear seats. The winner can choose their colour of car and arrange a mutually convenient delivery date though do bear in mind this will take about twelve weeks if the car is not in stock. Depending on colour choice they could be driving in two weeks though.

Entry is very easy. For each new player who pays a deposit of at least £1 that someone brings he or she will get one entry which begins on the 1 November and ends on the 31 January. The timings of both dates have been set at midnight. Even the network will win a prize of a bottle of champagne so that they can raise a glass of cheer to the good fortune of the winner.

In addition for everyone multiple of 5 new depositers there will be a tiered extra entry. Full details and terms and conditions are available from their manager Jess Luthi

Unlike other incentives that seem to only reward the same top performers it can be won by most so long as they can refer at least five new deposit paying individuals in a three month period. So get those links live now!

Anyone who is not in the UK who wins this will be given the £7000 cash alternative prize. It is to be drawn on the 8 Feb at noon by an independent person with no connection with either network or the websites. The winner will be contacted by telephone or e-mail or be in on that date!

In addition they launched a fantastic competition incentive for a trip for two to Orlando in Florida. The holiday competition includes air travel and hotel accommodation at the WDW resort. Should the winner wish to take their children then they will help them to upgrade their package.

To take part you need to play at the 75 ball hall where a pattern will appear twice each hour between noon and 8pm in the legs eleven room. Cards to this special will cost 35 pence. Winners then need to click through to the prize board link where they can select one of four hundred prizes. When the prizes fall below 50 then they will restock with more prizes. Cash prizes include £4, £6, £8 and £1. In addition there will also be 200 special stamps. The player that collects the most stamps will be the winner of the trip to Orlando in Florida.

Since July they were owned and run by Worldwide Online Entertainment Holdings Inc, a British Virgin Island based company whose owner is Willy Wong. On the 25 April it was announced that The Gaming Network (TGN) owner and operator of other brands had acquired this brand and the website would be integrated into their TGN network. The Managing Director of The Gaming Network is Nicky Getley who is based is London.









Free Bingo


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